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November 11, 2001
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The Drive North

8:45 pm: Today was journeying day. Jet had an odd night, and was up at quarter 'til 5 and stayed up playing in the play pen until about 5:30, and then I tried feeding him and putting him back to sleep. He woke up because his nose was stuffed full, so I had to empty his nose, with a lot of screaming, and then nursed him back to sleep again. By the time that was all done it was already 7 am.

Jet slept, then, until 9. So we didn't really get started until 9:30 or 10. We went downstairs and found a long line at the hotel restaurant, so we skipped that, and went to the dealer's room and found the Cat Bus pin and the Manga drawing book that I wanted to get. So we bought both of those and then went back to the room and packed everything up to go. John took two trips down to the car with stuff, and then we all went down with the last of the Stuff.

We then headed north, with just one stop at Burgerville, a Northwest favorite burger joint, with good, greasy burgers, real ice cream shakes, and an advertising campaign that includes the fact that they buy pretty much all their stuff locally. So it's actually a Tillamook cheese burger and the Oregon Chai lattes, and all that kind of stuff. They do make great burgers, and we enjoyed our lunch thoroughly. My teeth started protesting after the burger and the really cold shake, so we stopped, about an hour later, at a rest stop and I nursed Jet and then brushed my teeth, tucked my tooth guard over them, and then went back to sleep.

Jet slept a lot of the trip. John is definitely getting the cold, too. I was pretty trashed from the fact that I'm fighting the cold as well. I tried to sleep for most of the trip, eventhough rain was threatening the whole time, the sight of trees and real ground water was pretty fascinating as well.

I think we've been more homesick this trip than we've been on any other trip. Missing all the green and the water haze in the air and the mildness of the sunlight.

We got to John's parents' house in good time. George and Isabel had fun playing with Jet while John and I napped. I took an hour long nap that felt really, really good, and John slept for a good two hours and still felt sick, but less tired. Jet played and played and looked really tired, so at 4, I nursed him and let him nap in my arms for a good half hour. He then had plenty of energy for dinner, his dinner, and then playing afterwards as well.

Dinner was great. Isabel had done an eggplant with ground beef and a tomato sauce on brown rice. It was really yummy, especially with green beans and salad. She made apricot bars for dessert and we had them along with apple sauce that was just apples and cinnamon. Simple, really good food that just hit the spot after all the restaurant food we'd been having the last few days.

It was really good.

Then they made the extraordinary offer of taking care of Jet for the night, so that John and I could have a good night's sleep. It took me a while to wrap my brain around that. It's never happened before. It was also astonishing after the last couple of rather hard nights with Jet to just contemplate anyone doing it for us. And here they were offering to take him for the night!

Oh my.

It took me a while to comprehend it and both John and I offered plenty of advice on how to handle him at night. We're setting his room up so that it should be easier for him to sleep. And we finally admitted that we were going to accept the offer. Yay! So we're actually planning on sleeping through a night. Wow.

It amazes me.

We'll have to see how it goes, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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