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November 12, 2001
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Even Further North

10:17 pm: The night worked out surprisingly well. I was amazed. I actually lasted until about 5 am, and was able to force my way back into sleep by simple will power against the full breasts. Jet had been up a few times during the night, and while I heard him crying I hadn't worried at all, and I also heard them go to take care of him, so that worked out just fine. It seems that I trust Isabel and George nearly as much as I trust John in taking care of Jet at night, so I was able to just go right back to sleep on the most part, whenever Jet did wake up.

I am very glad that that is so.

So the evil cold really did get a pretty good hold on both of us today. It wasn't a very active cold, but it really did make both of us feel pretty drained. The extra sleep, the good breakfast, and having a very cheerful and happy Jet in the morning did wonders for all the ills, however, and we decided that it was worth the effort to go to Dave's.

Jet had been up since quarter 'til six, and he had been playing with his grand parents for that whole time. So by the time we got ready for our trip and I was nursing him for the last time before leaving, he fell asleep while nursing, and we placed his comatose self into his car seat and took off for the great North. He slept for the whole trip up. It was a good hour and a half, and I slept for most of the trip as well. I was still feeling kind of awful from the whole sleep experience, and I had gotten up at seven to feed Jet before crawling back downstairs into my warm nest and went back to sleep until John came to get me for breakfast. I don't think I would have gotten up for another hour and a half anyway, so the sleep in the car kind of made up for the sleep I would otherwise have tried to take.

As it was it worked out beautifully, as we were only woken when we actually got to Dave's in Bellingham. The kids were up and rowdy and they had friends over for an over nighter, so they were still in the throes of getting things packed up and cleaned up enough for their friends to go back home. It was pretty active in there, with four teenagers rampaging about with a dog, Sadie, attached to Hilary's wrist.

Jet watched all that with grave eyes, and he was pretty quiet to start. In part he was quiet from just having woken up and in part from the wholly new environment. He gradually warmed up to things. Though he stayed pretty quiet simply because there was just so much going on and he wasn't quite comfortable, it seemed, with all the activity rampaging about him.

The dog, Sadie, really interested Jet, but she was about as shy about it as he was. She was very smart and kept out of grab range the moment after Jet tried tog grab her nose. So there weren't any biting incidents, and he never really got a good hold of her in any painful spot. I was very glad of that. They pretty much both sniffed at each other when they were able to get the other with their back turned. That worked out pretty well, all in all.

Emili was pretty impressed with Jet's new found mobility. David hadn't seen Jet for a few more months than his daughter, and he was pretty amazed by all of Jet's advances as well. They all had a great time playing with him and finding things that were suitable toys for Jet to chew on and tackle. I think that they did pretty well with all that, and didn't find things that were too much out of Jet's range of interests.

Eventually, though, we turned to things that were of interest to the teenagers, and we played Magic and other card games. Jet kept trying to dive into the middle where all the cards were, and it got to be something of a game in and of itself to just keep the cards away from Jet. For the Magic setup, however, we really had to keep him completely out of the play area, which frustrated him until we got out a bunch of Tupperware and put a card into one of the Popsicle makers and gave him his card in that handy sucking/chewing case. He happily took to that, then, and he had his card for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

That was pretty funny.

Dinner was salmon chowder with good, crusty bread with butter and drinks of whatever choice. It was really flavorful and yummy, though the salmon was a little unrecognizable after it had cooked for so long. It was very filling, not too spicy for my stomach, and it wasn't bad on my teeth. The bread was another matter, but it was so good that it just didn't seem a bad tradeoff. I did take my Motrin, however, afterwards to just ease the ache.

It was really good to visit with Dave and his kids and just talk with them about every day things. To play with them and just see how they were doing in their house, with their lives and their friends and the people that they now do things with. It was good to just sit in the house, listen to the rain falling and just kind of be. I think that a little of it was due to my cold, but it was good to just rest for a while after all the pressure of the last several weeks.

We had a big game of BS afterwards and when it degenerated into people just yelling BS a lot, we finally ended it. Jet nursed through the last half hour, fell mostly asleep, but then he was up when we were finished and wide-eyed and bushy tailed to get in among all the cards again. So we lasted until 7:30. I thought the drive back was two hours, so we decided to go right then, as Jet turns into a pumpkin around 9, and it would be cutting it pretty close.

Luckily it was only really an hour and a half. We celphoned John's parents before getting onto the freeway and they knew how long it would take. So we got back home in good time and they were ready for us. Jet managed to play for a little while before pumpkinizing, and then we got him settled pretty expediently. I am going to try and sleep as much as possible and if I heard them get up I may get up and feed Jet, but if I don't I may just do what I did last night as much as possible and sleep as well as I can.


I'm not dead the way I was last night. I hope that's a good sign.

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