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November 9, 2002
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Scott's 66, Replacing the Printer, Meat Bonanza

I had two goals for yesterday and this weekend. One was to get my passport renewed, so that I'd actually be able to go on the cruise in March, and just get it done sooner rather than later so I wouldn't have to worry about it. The other thing was to eat a Ruben sandwich. I don't know why I was craving a Ruben in particularly, but so it is with the desire for a particular type of food. The third one happened when Jet was up a bunch on alternate nights, which was to catch up on sleep.

I didn't do much sleep catch up on Friday, though I really wanted to. It was mostly work during the day, and then when Jet went to nap, I drove off to Fredrick to try and renew my passport. I'd found it through Google, and it said that they had a camera on-site. There were also very clear instructions on how to renew by mail, but since I didn't have pictures of myself that fit the dimensions they were talking about.

Yes. I have a printer and a digital camera, but the printer has been broken for the last month or two. The pink nozzles just stopped working. I wasn't very happy with that, but since John bought a two year replacement warrantee for fifteen bucks, we knew that we could get a replacement if we ever really wanted it. We haven't had real reason to be printing more photos, though, lately. Since Jet got really mobile, we haven't been taking that many pictures. We haven't really had much incentive to go in and get the exchange done. It also happens that I'd just heard from Bob that the printer capabilities had doubled again, so waiting a little while seemed like a good idea as the technology is only going to get better.

Still, now that I had a real reason to get the printer, it seemed like a good time to do it.

But we didn't get around to it last night. We went out for dinner, instead. Just hit Scott's 66, a little diner two exits from ours, they had hand-cut filet mignons. So we ate there and it was good, though it amused me unduly that the chicken fried steak was on the 'Light Menu'. Hee. John's filet was perfectly cooked, seasoned with green chilies and really nice. My chicken fried steak was tender, crisp, and tasty, not greasy. The mashed was textured and delicious. I really enjoyed it a great deal. Jet loved his fries that went with the grilled cheese sandwich he got and ignored. I was just happy he ate anything.

Jet seemed to have great trouble eating anything today. He would put things into his mouth and then spit them out which just drove me nuts. I should remember these days when I start complaining about how he's eating us out of house and home when he's a teenager. For now, though, it's mildly worrisome when he doesn't eat anything worthwhile in a day. Though eating off me, I guess, should make up for nearly all nutritional deficiencies other than iron. So he gets iron drops, now and again, in his milk. It's nothing like every day, but it's likely enough to keep his blood production just fine.

Anyway... we started the morning with scones, and I got to sleep in for the first time in a while. John's been getting the sleeping in for the last couple of mornings, as he's been up at night with Jet too. I'm very, very glad that Jet's allowing John to take care of him at night, now. There was a stretch where Jet would cry inconsolably if it was John taking care of him instead of me. But now that John's taking some of the middle of the night shifts, he's been sleeping in more as well. That's a good thing. It's just that last night I got up a lot and then at 7:30, I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. So I got up and got to see the new Jackie Chan Adventure before chowing down on a scone and tea.

Jet crumbled one scone up and nibbled a bit and then played a lot with his new car mountain. Joan said that Alex and Haley weren't playing with it any more and Jet pretty much remains riveted to it every moment he's at their house. To make more room for their other toys, they have given it to Jet. So I took it when I went to pick Jet up on Friday. It was a great thing for reviving him when we came home from dinner last night and he was half asleep. He saw it and immediately started playing with it while we watched a Monk rerun.

So he's happily occupied with it for much of this morning and it turns into a minor problem as we want to get out and go to Boulder to get the new printer. It's a bit of a fight to get him into his chair and then we're out the door and he's happy as a lark, pointing at stuff, saying, "LOOK!" and "Oh, wood." and stuff like that as we zoom across the country side. Eventually he falls asleep. We try to wake him up a couple of times, but he's so unhappy at being woken up that we finally leave him alone, though this is the boy that was up at 7 and it's only 9... I guess he's been playing pretty hard and up a lot at night.

He falls asleep. We get to CompUSA, and John wrestles the printer box from the back of the car. I wrestle Jet out of his seat and prop him up against my shoulder and he's sound asleep. We go in, and try to the do the exchange and find out that the printer we'd bought was not only obsolete, they didn't even have any more of that model in their store or warehouse. It *just* disappeared and is gone for good. We can pick any equivalent printer we want and get pretty much as much as we spent on the original printer towards a new one. Wow. The difference nine months makes. The printers of the equivalent price range have twice the pixel density. They have better software, better resolution, and off-computer capability, where you can just feed it the card out of the camera and it'll do a numbered index print and then you can print whatever pictures you select at whatever size you'd like. There are even rolls of four inch paper, so that 4x6, borderless prints, are just a selection of size, paper type, and the prints that you want printed. So simple!

But it means that the extra cartridges that we bought for the old printer are pretty much kaput. We can't use them in this new printer and the one model that would have used the same cartridges is out of stock as well, and on the road to being obsolete as well. We can't get the printer that would use the old cartridges, and looking at all the advantages of the new printer, it seems unlikely that we'll want to go back. We may be able to sell them to someone at work, as the printers were pretty popular.

It takes us a while to figure out what we want and Jet wakes up in the mean time and his eyes get all wide at all the things there are to see in the store. He gets down and starts to rampage about, exploring, looking, touching, hitting, and trying out everything. It's a little bit like riding herd on a hurricane. Whee...

While doing that, we also manage to find John some video editing software and another software application for Jet. We get him the Sesame Street Toddler software and hope that it'll help him out some with figuring out what to do with the mouse. He likes the box a whole lot. Hee.

From there we hit the customer service counter and they have our old printer and stuff, and I wrangle Jet while John works the lady through the torturous remains of our receipt and what we're going to do next. We do buy that extended warrantee again. It has the lure to buy more ink cartridges, but it also has the incredible coolness of being able to upgrade to the next printer if this one should die in any reasonable amount of time.

We do that, and we get the other stuff, and while we're waiting for all that, I actually go out and change Jet and then we go back in. He plays with a beanie with a propeller in more ways than I can count, he strips a CD rack of CDs, and he finds a keyboard and pounds on it to the amusement of the store manager. Okay, to my amusement as well. The lady at the customer service gets the wrong new printer to start, and then we get to start all over again with the correct printer, and with all that done we finally head out to the car nearly two hours later.


It is, however, done. That is a very good thing indeed.

We then hit Safeway to stock up at their semi-annual Meat Bonanza (only in Colorado). They pretty much take twenty percent off every meat item in the store. Hot dogs, bacon, frozen fish sticks, chicken, pork, chicken breasts, hamburger, frozen, ground lamb, and Safeway Select meat entrees are all eligible. Canned items are out. But pretty much everything else is in. And I always half wish that we had a chest freezer when these things happen. But we don't, so I don't go too overboard.

One thing that John's been wanting for a while has been a beef roast. We haven't had one since last spring, so it was time. We got a little, rib and a half rib roast, and I asked the butcher to get the rib cut off from the meat and he asked if I wanted it right off or if I wanted to just have the rib broken so that we could peel it off after roasting it. I thought about it and asked for it to just be broken rather than right off, as the ribs do a good job of protecting the meat and if they're tied on, they lend a lot of flavor. When they're removed, a lot of the fat goes with them, which is a good thing while serving.

We also loaded up on most of the items in the 'gosh that's meat?' list. Along with a few everyday things. Ended up with nearly twenty-eight dollars in 'savings'. Whee.

Home again home again, and Jet stayed awake, so we got home, and John went down for a nap while Jet and I played until I could finally nurse him. He nursed and went to sleep and I went to sleep with him in the livingroom, and we had nearly two hours when John woke up and I figured out that I just wasn't going to sleep anymore. So I got up and we finally woke Jet up so that he wouldn't be asleep for three hours. He seems to have a switch where if he naps for three hours, he has a terrible night and if he sleeps for less than that he has an okay one. We'll see how that works out tonight.

By the time John came out it was time to let the roast get to room temp and then we roasted it. I liked searing it to start and then roasting at a low temp and John followed through with the actual cooking. It worked out wonderfully. It was beautifully pink, medium rare, and even as anything. I was very impressed. Yum. We really enjoyed it

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