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November 10, 2002
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Great Kid Stuff

9:45 pm: I had a conversation on the phone tonight that started out rather intense. I'd gone into the bedroom to have it, as I didn't want to scare Jet. Then I heard the clunk clunk clunk of Jet opening the door. He came in and stared at me with wide eyes as I was nearly yelling into the phone. When he managed to catch my eye, instead of just being afraid or concerned or whatever, Jet caught my eye and then surprised the heck out of me and gave me the sweetest smile he's got.

He then leaned against my knees and smiled at me, and he kept it up even while I continued my strident conversation.

I couldn't help it. I smiled back. I lost the momentum of the frustrated anger that was driving me and I smiled back and I, for possibly the first time in the conversation listened and without the anger to drive it, did my part of getting conversation more rational. The other side had been trying hard enough already that it caught, and we figured things out. I also dropped a kiss on Jet's forehead and smiled back thoroughly. Content with that, he wandered off again.

Yeah. My kid amazes me, sometimes.

John opened the Nick Jr. magazine. He flipped a few pages and then said, with enormous enthusiasm, "Stickers!"

Yeesh. We're such parents.

Worse yet, it's not just, "Stickers for Jet!" It's actually, "Cool! Stickers for Jet so he doesn't raid our postage stamps anymore."


Spike Lee has a kids book out, that he and his wife wrote together about the fun of having mischievous two-year-old around the house. It's named, very appropriately, "Please, Baby, Please!"

Jet had stolen my Yoga for Dummies book while I was doing my exercises and I was blandishing him with, "Please, Jet! Please bring me back my book!" And he'd smile sweetly at me and shake his head, "No!" For a while, at least, and then he'd bring me the book. He'd let me read it long enough to know what the next exercise/stretch was and then he'd grab it and run away with it again. He liked doing that a lot.

I actually thought it was pretty fun, too.

Afterwards, he sat on the ottoman and flipped through the book, a page at a time, pointing out all the target tips. I kept showing him the one finger pointing up from a palm that was supposed to be a string tied around a finger, and he kept looking up to see what I was pointing at. But then he started pointing one finger in the air every time he saw a reminder symbol in the book. He loved going through the entire book and excitedly pointing out every tip symbol. I had fun doing it with him.

Jet ate well today. He had a donut and milk for breakfast. At the church snack time he had goldfish, grapes, a whole grain muffin, apple juice, and cheese. He refused to nurse after church, as it's probably the first time we've tried to nurse in the car for four or five months. Jet was far too intrigued with all the possibilities of being in the front seat to sit still long enough to nurse.

He pushed at the stick shift, he wrestled the wheel going, "Rrrrum, rrrroom!" He pushed every button. He crowed when the levers flicked up and down. He turned every knob. He tumbled into the safety of my arms when he turned the radio up WAY TOO LOUD. That scared him, but then he went and did it again. Booger. He danced in the driver's seat and demanded the keys and urged me, "On! On!" He loved the flashing lights, got all wide-eyed at the fans when they went on, and he played with all the directional air outlets.

It's all so new to him. It was like seeing it all new again.

When we got home he was asleep and napped for two and a half hours, and I was never so glad as when I nursed him when he woke up. We had a really late lunch of ramen, and he ate his half a bowl of ramen. He also ate a third of a banana and some chips. He got one piece of his Halloween candy after lunch as he'd eaten so much, and he solemnly munched Bottle Cap candies one by one out of his tiny Halloween Jack O' Lantern until they were all gone.

I got to set up the new printer while he was asleep, and it's *so* much easier than the old printer, as much because of the software as anything. It's now super simple to print 'normal' sized prints in series. The software allows one to build 'rolls' of pictures and either treat them as a batch job and print them all, or pick certain ones to 'reprint' out of a whole batch. It sucks up disk space like a hog, but when I'm starting with 20 gig, it seems a very small flaw.

I also unloaded my main camera and found that I had four pictures each during the last three months. I don't think I did much better on the video camera's digital camera, but I know I took a lot of pictures with that at the Anniversary and reunion. I need to unload that as well before I know how many pictures we really have for the year. We need to get some of Jet's 2002 pictures up, someday.

I also want to print a good number of them for my wall at work. Better to use the printer while it's still working, I guess.

It's been a great day.

While John made Ruebens for dinner, Jet had his little Magnum flashlight and was running around the kitchen with it. He flashed it everywhere, ran around and around and around the kitchen trash can with it waving in all directions. I ran around after him for a little while, but it was pretty dizzying with the circles in one direction and the single, swinging light. He kept going no problem. John had turned the lights off in the kitchen. All but the one over the stove, so he could see as he was cooking. That was pretty fun.

I used the video camera with the UV attachment to take pictures of Jet with his light. That was fun.

After dinner, Jet surprised the heck out of me by refusing ice cream, repeatedly. He just didn't want it.

We also took video of Jet eating ramen. Or we thought we were going to. Instead, Jet treated us to thirty seconds of picking his nose. I'll admit that I encourage him to clear his nose out as he has problems with it at night and if he can clear it out he goes back to sleep pretty easily. But this was pretty amusing.

Speaking of which, we had to, finally, wrestle him down and clear his nose out with the nose clearer, as it wasn't clearing out. When the weather gets this dry, sometimes it just cakes in there and normal means don't get things cleared out enough for him to breath at night. So we squirt water in and use the bulb to pull everything out. We pulled a lot of junk out, and when he nursed, afterwards, I don't think I've *not* heard him breathing for quite some time. It was mildly startling to have him breath completely clearly for the first time in a while.

We'd tried this for the last three nights, and there had been something further up his right sinus than we could see up his nose that was blocking. It was impossible to get out. I'm glad that it finally worked its own way out to where we could finally get it. I hope he'll sleep better tonight with the cleared nose. He got up a couple of times, last night, because of it, so we're both mildly trashed again.

Jet actually had a good morning, though. He ate well, and when he was done he said, very clearly, to John, "I want down." and then added, "Pleeze." Wow.

He also told John he wanted to be changed only ten minutes after John had changed his diaper. When John started fiddling with the diaper, Jet said, "No!!" and pulled at his sleeper. So he wanted out of his sleeper, and when John put him into his day clothes he was happy as a lark.

At church, along one wall, was a deep carpet of leaves. The winds last night had pushed them all up against the wall. All the smaller kids found the leaves after the service and were plowing threw them and throwing them at each other. They loved just wading through the leaves, as they were knee or even thigh high on Jet. The shoooosh shoooosh shooosh of the dry leaves as they pushed their way through it brought grins to everyone's face.

When John leaped in and started throwing huge armloads of the leaves into clouds over everyone, Jet yelled with joy and started throwing handfuls of leaves into the air and dancing. Hee. That was so cool to watch. It was fun to watch him just plow through the stuff, leaving a tiny wake, and he would watch his progress through the stuff and how the leaves moved in front of him. He even helped one other boy build a huge pile. When the other boy leaped into the center of it and set them flying, Jet laughed and laughed and the fell down into the leaves himself.


A great reason for living in an area where the dried leaves stay dry and crisp for a very, very long time.

I should remember to never, ever see an adrenaline charged movie before going to sleep. I have enough lack of sleep troubles that I don't really need for my brain to be completely haunted by images from Saving Private Ryan. It's a great movie. It's graphic, completely, and heart-wrenching, and totally different than I'd really expected.

I mean... from all the previews and stuff I honestly thought that Tom Hanks was playing Private Ryan, and it was a very startling shock to find, at the beginning of the movie that he's some kind of captain, and on a front boat onto Normandy. Which, in my little brain, implied that he was a Ranger, which it turned out was the truth. All of which pointed out, quite clearly, that he was not the one being saved. Woo.

I once heard just a glimpse of a phrase that linked Tom Hanks to a romantic comedy and my immediate reaction was, "Hey, I thought he wasn't doing those anymore." It turned out to be a TV ad for "Joe versus the Volcano", so it was pretty clear that he wasn't doing that except in the past. I kind of miss that side of him, but then I have a good tape of "Joe versus the Volcano", so I guess I can see that part of him whenever I like.

Jet got, rightfully, scared by the beginning of the movie, so we switched to other channels and only after he went to sleep did we see the end of the movie. Suffice it to say that the end made it hard for me to sleep last night. I am even more grateful to veterans than I was before, and have a far better understanding of my stance when playing some of the characters I do in gaming. I also think I might understand, a little, characters who aren't like my type a bit better. We'll see.

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