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November 6, 2003
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Where's the Sunshine?

9:01 pm: We had a really great day today. Jet has been eating like a horse all day, plowing through cereal and milk, a bran muffin with cream cheese, a whole smoothie and some pomegranate for breakfast, then two rice balls with LOTS of dried fish and seaweed and sesame seeds with me. He ate noodles and chips at Joan's for lunch. Then he had a Popsicle and juice and a cracker and then goldfish and fruit snacks for snack. Then for dinner he had pepperoni, crackers, goldfish, potato sticks, three slices of watermelon, two of cantaloupe, and a big bowl of ice cream with cookies, nuts, and sprinkles. When he got home, he also wanted chocolate milk and a couple pieces of his Halloween candy.

I think he's getting better.

He also had a blast with the toys and with swimming. He charged around happily, falling into the water on purpose just to see what it was like underwater. He found a hair ball and elastic and he used that as his pool toy, dropping it and going underwater to get it. He did that over and over and over again. He played, he sang, he giggled with other kids, and chased a bigger boy around parts of the pool for a while.

It was quite a contrast from Monday, when he got into the water and said, "Fish. I want fish." and we went pretty much immediately to the showers and he ate fish hand over fist. He was hungry, I guess, and still sick enough to not want to swim. I don't blame him at all. I'm glad, though, that he was so much happier today.

On the way home, in the pitch dark of night, he was singing, "I going home! I going home! I going home..." He stopped and suddenly, out of the blue asked, "Where's the sunshine?"

That's the first question of that type he's asked me, ever. I thought it over carefully and answered, "It's on the other side of the world."

"The world?"

"Yeah. The world. We live on the world. It's round. So the sun's on the other side, right now, and when it comes back we have day."

He murmured to himself for a bit and then said, "Sunshine on world?"

"Yeah. The sunshine is on the world, just on the other side right now."

That seemed to make him content and he chanted, "Sunshine on world. Sunshine on world. Sunshine on world."

It was oddly cheering. I mean... when I thought about what he was saying, the sunshine, even if it wasn't here, was somewhere on the world. Not gone, just somewhere else for a while. Sunshine on the world.


We had a great morning, too. He and I were home, and I had an hour and a half long meeting, and, of course, he watched TV until my meeting started and then he wanted me to play with him. So I did. It's good to have a head set with a mute.

We ran, we played tag. Jet jumped off his mountain several times, onto the floor, onto the footrest for the rocking chair, and onto the couch. He loved that. We both blew into opposite ends of one of his whooping whistles. We watched Dora. We ate muffins together. He wanted some of my tea, and since it was just herbal, he got some. We read books. We lay down together to go through a catalog. "What's that?" We had a blast.

I really enjoyed that, and half an hour before my meeting finished, I remembered to soak some rice. So we had rice balls, together, for lunch before Joan came to pick him up. It was pretty sticky. I even had a bowl of warm water for him to wash his hands off whenever he wanted. By the end of it, I had to take him outside to brush as much rice off him as possible. Joan was good about stepping around that when she came.

I got him ready, helped them go out, and Jet smiled at me as he left.

When I went to get him, he was asleep, sprawled on pillows by the window under a comforter. He'd been sleeping for two hours. He hadn't gone immediately to sleep when he got there, had played with Haley for a while, but went down when she did at 1:30. They had a blast. He kind of worried Joan, as he still seemed sick, and he was sleeping longer than she thought he would. Given that he sometimes sleeps three hours here, it didn't worry me too much. I just got his car seat, and picked him up to put him into it, and he woke up to look around at least. He wanted holding. So I held him for a while, and after that he was content to go into his chair and just look around as I got everything together.

Bundled up in his coat he seemed quite content to just lie there, but I needed to get a few diaper bag things, and he wanted some juice. So we went back to the house instead of just heading over to Longmont and I found that I had a package in the mail! It was from Cathie and Walt, and Jet had a blast opening my presents for me. Smoked salmon and a painting that was really pretty. I got Jet some juice, he poked at his cars while I packed everything else up, I changed him while we were there as Joan hadn't gotten the chance to, and he was happy to come with me when it was time to go.

He was so happy to get into the kid care area. "Toys!" he said, "I play with Toys!!" and he ran in and started playing. Happy boy.

It's so cool when he's so happy all day. I really enjoy days like this.

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