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November 7, 2003
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Working Local

9:23 am: The power's out at work. I'm so glad that I'm home and "telecommuting". It's pretty cool to get all kinds of things done and not be interrupted by email and have no way of getting out to the Net and getting distracted, at all. I can just work and I really like that.

John went in to talk to people. Joan told him that Ray had been called in, last night, at 10, and was still there. Ouch. Power and machines and all kinds of things.

I'm still sick. My sinuses are quite the mess, but it's not the same sore throat problem I had before, for which I'm grateful. Just an upper respiratory infection that I'll get rid of with time. It's still a pain, though, and uncomfortable to wake up and try and get all this gunk out of my head. Bleh.

7:35 pm: It's turned into a very discombobulated day. It doesn't help that we're all sick again. Jet seems to have another mild fever, better for him to fight it off with his body's defenses, but he's pretty cheerful though he's not eating nearly as much as he ate yesterday. John's definitely got a head cold.

He had a lot of trouble getting anything done today, where I had little trouble because nearly all my work is local to my machine. The best thing about having a PC as my central box is that when the network is down I can still work. I like that a lot.

My 2 pm meeting fell through. So when John appeared, late, from work home, it wasn't a problem. I did do more work and network stuff after that, but I've lost my momentum. I did some Christmas shopping, and I'm nearly done with everything. Yeah, it's a little sick to do that before Thanksgiving, but I'm tired of having all that pressure on the last few weeks, and since we're going to SD in early December, there's the incentive of just being able to take all the presents with us, wrap them there, and then leave them. No shipping and no late presents.

Easier, and less trouble during The Terrible Season itself.

I made cheddar and scallion biscuits after the memory of the ones Carl got me at the rustic fast food place he took me to in Pleasonton. They were very pleasant with the last of the roast chicken and some peas. Jet even ate one, calling it a cookie. He'd made it himself. He helped me with cutting out the biscuits and was very happy when I made on into a little ball just for him. He then proceeded to eat another biscuit. He then found my box of stroopwaffles, puzzled open the box, the bag, and then ate the whole thing. I didn't notice that until after he'd stolen one of my chocolate covered biscotti and ate that whole thing, too.

I guess he's motivated to eat what he really wants to eat.

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