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November 11, 2003
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Blown Away

The wind was a force today.

It blew so hard, that when I was sitting in the still car, I could feel it rock and creak and groan. I could hear the sand blasting the sides. I could feel the gusts push at the car like an insistent child.

When I crossed the bridge from the building to the parking lot, it pushed me around like some invisible bully. I saw two women clutching at each other for support as they staggered across the parking lot. Tree tops whipped themselves ragged against the bridge. Leaves and loose trash ran madly down the street, faster than my 40 mph car. It was pretty incredible.

I could lean into it as if against a wall. The funny thing was that I found it incredibly stimulating. I could grin into it like a wolf, and push. My blood ran higher after the fight, and my brain unstuck from the glue of inertia It was incredible.

Turns out that there were gusts up to 70 mph recorded in Boulder. There's another plains fire going on because of it, this time probably human set instead of some downed power line.


I had a very boring time at work today. Mostly because there wasn't much I could do so much as getting feedback from everyone. I'm also not very scheduled and everyone and everything is asking for a schedule from me. So I'll go do that.

I got home. John ran off to a church meeting. Jet and I were home with pizza dough slowly defrosting on the counter. It took a while. We heated up the oven, finally got it mostly defrosted, and build a pizza together. Jet liked making a 'path' on the pizza with pepperoni. We cooked it. He asked to see Monsters, so we did, and he ignored his finished pizza for the movie.

He had, however, eaten tons during the afternoon. He even had two bags of fruit snacks when I finally got home with snacks. I bought ramen and fruit snacks and stuffing for the turkey at the King Soopers next to work during a pre-lunch break. I just got stuff, and it was good to get stuff.

I also went to the Longmont Great Harvest for breakfast, got lured in by a beautiful brownie, and was surrounded by a sea of three-year-olds and their parents. I guess a pre-school was touring the bakery. I should ask them what it takes to make a tour and then see if Wendy might want to do that some morning or something. A field trip of sorts. That would be fun.

The pizza turned out well. Jet ended up eating a couple pieces, even while distracted. So that was even better.


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