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November 12, 2003
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Lantern Walk

Hoorah! I got my order from Wolfermans. Lovely, HUGE English muffins, and lots of crumpets galore. Yummy, too. And most of them are now in the freezer.

A very stimulating morning at work. So I'm running around in all directions after all my projects. Lots to do.

Jet's downstairs with John, doing stuff, and having fun.

John's chasing a problem.

I'm trying to plot my schedule for the next few months. It's hard when I don't have any goals I really WANT to hit, but lots that I know that I should try and hit. Bleh.

We made cornbread for tonight's Lantern Walk that Wendy setup. It should be fun. Walking and then eating chile and cornbread. Lots of fun, I hope. Though I think Jet won't eat any chile, he'll probably eat cornbread, he's had that before. We'll see. It's interesting seeing Wendy as happy as we are when Jet eats anything. He's partaking of the oatmeal ritual on a regular basis, and sometimes follows Joey's lead on the snack time. It's fun to know.

Ritual. Structure with room for something new every once in a while. Jet actually slept through the night last night for the first time in a while. I think he's getting better, and I think that watching innocuous programs like Dora and Blue and, for that matter, Monsters Inc. last night was much easier on Jet's emotional bubble than Finding Nemo. Hopefully it's a trend. He has been sleeping all night a lot more in the last few months than ever before. Whew.

The walk was quite a success, eventhough John had some really pressing work stuff that made us half an hour late. I managed to make the corn bread early, and only had to cut it up with Jet's help. He not only ate two whole pieces he wanted more. Even after he ate most of a grapefruit all by himself. I had cut all the sections from a peeled grapefruit and he just helped himself to the point of eating nearly everything. I was pretty impressed.

So Jet was well fueled before the walk. We arrived and Wendy's husband came out to greet us, take the cornbread, and point us in the right direction. We could see the pale lanterns bobbing in the dark along the street back into the quiet neighborhood behind the busy street that they fronted.

John picked up Jet and we ran for it.

We caught up pretty quickly, and Wendy handed Jet his lantern, the one he'd made during the day's 'class'. So he cheerfully grabbed the branch that was twisted into the pipecleaner at the top of the bag and held it up with his bare hand. The candle inside the bag was a small tea light, and the warmth from it dissipated in the cold, cold night air enough that by the time it reached his hand, it was simply warm enough to give him comfort. So Jet was very comfortable holding his lantern. He held it up to get it out of his face, but he bumped it with every step, and it flickered like mad.

It was a quiet, fun walk, along the dirt roads that threaded the neighborhood behind the house where the pre-school was. The roads weren't too hard or too muddy. There were dogs and horses that greeted us as we trudged along, and the lights gave enough warning to all the cars. Jet got really good about heading for the side of the road every time he saw a car coming. I was very glad of that and that he did it on his own initiative. I liked that.

He didn't sing with his teacher or the other kids, and the words of the song jarred with me a bit. Up with daylight, down with night... stuff like that. I liked this night a lot. The velvet darkness, the cold to bundle up against, and the quiet walk. It was pretty cold out. Jet was in two coats, his hat, and he had his hood up, too. Socks and shoes and warm pants. He was very happy, smiling a lot and looking at everyone.

I really enjoyed it.

It was a good seven country blocks' worth of walking. Quite a lot of walking, but he only got faster as we headed back towards the house. He didn't lose the flame on his candle until he hit a particular huge tumbleweed with his lantern and it flipped completely over. The funny thing was that all the other kids lost their lights before he did.

Afterwards we had chile and all the cornbread with all the other kids and parents. It was fun, noisy, and comfortable. Jet played with various toys. He ate more cornbread, and didn't sit with the other kids at the kids' table. But it was fun, warm after all the cold, and very much filled with light. So that was cool.

We were all pretty tired, afterwards.

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