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October 1, 2002
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Sleeping Through the Night

9:41 pm: Jet was a very happy little boy this evening, once I got home from my massage. He'd spent the morning with Joan, and did quite well. He'd spent a lot of time with me after first getting home. He spent time with John during my meeting and when I had my massage with CeLena, and then he and I had a good time nursing. Finally the three of us had a great evening.

John's sick. He slept a lot today. Joan had Jet for four hours this morning, so John got to sleep for most of the morning. I got a really good morning in at work, with lots of talking to people that was very productive. I picked Jet up and nursed him into a surprise nap as he'd had a nap at Joan's. He only napped for half an hour, but that was more than I'd expected.

Jet was not happy when I left for my meeting or for massage. He actually was with me for part of the meeting, but when he insisted on going downstairs, I couldn't go with him. So he ended up with John and was not happy about that.

Ah well, I guess that was why he was so happy when I got home from the massage.

I love my massages. I need them, badly. I am abusing my body and I know it when I go to my massages with CeLena as it becomes very obvious that I'm hurting all over. Shoulders, neck, hips, knees, and parts of my back are all just knotted up. My arms are better than they used to be, but they're still mildly abused. I hate that there is ongoing stuff that makes it so that I hurt, and I suspect that if I do even a modicum of exercise and stretching every day it would be better but still not 'fixed'. I'm still a teeth grinder, a stress puppy, a chair and couch sitter, a stiff Westerner, and I still do computer stuff for a living. So it is.

My massages make me feel a bit like I'm taking some time to take some care of myself. That I'm actually trying and for all that I'm bad to my body there are a few things that I do that make it happier. That it's a good body. I'm just doing some bad things to it and it's nice to be able to do something nice for it.

I made John ramen for dinner. Hot beef flavor with a cut up short rib steeping in the soup. Thinly sliced green onions and a handful of frozen peas gave it a little green and a little flavor, and John just slurped it up. He needed the liquids. Jet slurped noodles from a plate, happily. I think I may have to make him ramen as he likes noodle soup so much. So it's time to buy for-sale ramen at the grocery store.

Jet was happy. He was dancing, laughing, and playing. He and John were giggling and getting tickled and all that before Jet went to sleep.

Jet's slept two nights through in a row. If it weren't because he has a cold I'd be very glad. As it is, it's mildly disconcerting to think of him as only sleeping through the night when he's sick. I hope he'll keep the habit even as he gets better, and he certainly seems to be getting better. One really cool thing is that as John picked him up to take him to bed, Jet grinned his really happy grin. I haven't seen him do that for a while.

With Jet change seems to happen all the time. Sometimes that's a very cool thing indeed

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