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October 3, 2002
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10:41 pm: A very busy day, today, though it helped that John stayed home today, in some ways.

Jet slept the night through, and didn't get up until 7. I went back to sleep and didn't get up until 8:30. I decided I had to have pancakes for breakfast, so I made pancake mix with a mashed banana in it. And I cooked them up while John watched Jet. John and Jet ate the first two and a half pancakes at a great rate. Jet ate more than he's eaten for quite a while for breakfast. I really think Jet's getting better, which offers hope for John, too.

I had my normal morning, and realized, halfway through, that I'd missed a meeting that had moved to this morning. I did get a lot done, though.

I was sure that Jet was going to nap when he got home, but he didn't nap until 3. I was kind of disappointed, as John had a meeting from 1:30-3, so I pretty much watched Jet like I normally would. I was glad, though, that he did go to sleep at 3, and I got some work done as I had a lot to do. I'd hoped to finish one task this morning, but it didn't get done until 4. I did manage to get two other major things done as John took Jet when Jet woke up and gave him warm milk and entertained him until nearly 6.

At 6, John heated up a hot dog for Jet and while Jet was eating his hot dog on a chop stick we got dressed up. I put o my blue velvet textured hose, added a black turtleneck and put my blue silk jacket on top with my green rain coat to keep me warm and dry. John wore one of his wool sweaters, khakis, and Birkie clogs and it was cold enough that he was quite comfortable. Yay! I, on the other hand, was cold through in the walk from the car to the restaurant.

We went to Jax. It's a fish and seafood restaurant on the West End of Boulder. It was cute, trendy looking, and had a live oyster bar. When I found out that they had oysters from British Columbia, I had to have those, and we got half a dozen buttery, sweet, tiny Pacific oysters. Yum. We then had a seafood enchilada plate and a scallops and shrimp with green chile grits. Amusingly enough, both John and I thought the enchilada plate was tastier. The green chile grits didn't have nearly enough green chile for flavor and they were cold. The shrimp and scallops were fresh and cooked okay, but they hadn't been seasoned nearly as much as they needed to be. The enchiladas, though, were very tasty, tender, and had buttery queso fresco melted all over them. They were also spicy enough to give good afterburn and came with a spicy, tart confetti style coleslaw and Spanish rice with white beans. Different and tasty.

One thing I really enjoyed was that we each ate half of each dinner and we the swapped plates. Hee. I really enjoyed getting to taste both dishes.

Dessert wasn't shared that way. Hee. I got a white chocolate creme brulee while John got a buttermilk chocolate cake. The creme brulee was well done, creamy, cold depths with a warm surface and crisp crust from the blow torch work just before serving. There was also a fish shaped shortbread set just into the crust. It was crisp and buttery and wonderful.

I really enjoyed eating out. Ashley babysat Jet with the rest of the Goodells playing with him. When we went to get him he was in a great mood, utterly fascinated by a set of gears on frames. He played with it happily while we got a running commentary on Survivor Thailand from Ray. It was very entertaining commentary.

It was nice to have the time away from Jet, but also nice to greet my cheerful little boy and get a huge hug when we walked in the door. We got home and got him changed while he sang and said the word "purple" a few dozen times because it was fun to say. He also asked for a poem from "Ride a Purple Pelican" and we did the Kalamazoo one with the moon, baboons, and balloons. He called everything "moooooon!" several times. But we read the poem twice and that was good enough for him as he lay down to nurse.

He's gone to sleep quite well, though a bit later than usual. We'll see how he does tonight. Sleeping through one night is a fluke, four may well be a trend, but we'll see if he can do this consistently before celebrating too much. It would be a very cool thing if Jet was finally done with getting up at night and demanding nursing.

I was very glad of tonight. I was feeling mildly discontent about not doing *something* to celebrate my birthday. And now we have done something. I was also happy with the outing itself, and the food was better than I've been expecting for Boulder. It helped seeing the place completely packed on a Thursday when many of the restaurants in the same district were half empty. So it helped to know that it was good enough to draw people. I was glad the food lived up to the popularity. Yay!

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