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September 30, 2002
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We're All Sick Now

10:10 pm: We're all sick, now. Jet spent most of the day getting me to nurse him and John and I spent the day trading off sleeping, working, and taking care of Jet. It reminded me of the first few days we had him back, where someone was paying close attention to him nearly all the time.

But both John and I have it, and sleep felt very good indeed when we could get it. The only problem with working part time is that there is nearly no time when we can't fit in at least a few hours now and then. So there's the temptation to work even when we probably shouldn't be working. Tomorrow I'll probably be going into work because of two meetings that I really want to make.

Jet's had a running nose, a cough, and probably a fever and a headache all day. Motrin and Dimetapp are helping him out, but the fever isn't high enough for a bacterial infection and he seems to be doing well while we treat his symptoms and his baby body takes care of the cause. A good immune system workout for him, mild misery for John and I.

Lunch was whatever we could get. Jet managed to nurse about every two hours, and slept every other time. So he got in three naps and seemed to need them, he literally fell asleep on the floor tonight when it was his normal bed time.

On the way home from something yesterday we stopped by a serve yourself farm stand... oh, right, on the way home from the Boulder Fall Festival. The serve-yourself stand had a bunch of basil that smelled so wonderful I had to buy it. So I made it into fresh pesto tonight with the food processor. A little pine nut, a little garlic, a dash of salt, a pour of olive oil, and a good, generous grating of romano and parmesan plus the fragrant bunch of basil and we had great pesto.

I also steeped some rosemary in olive oil and used it to flavor a couple of flank steak pieces. I broiled them and we sliced them thin, across the grain for protein on the spaghetti. I also grated up some zucchini and sauteed it with onion, pepper, and salt and it was very good, almost buttery in texture and tasty with the caramelization from the saute. Yum. Simple food, on the most part. Easy to prep and we had a great dinner as a result. I have to really remember to do this kind of stuff more often.

Jet ate some noodles. He sat in the sling for the whole time I was cooking and only got into his own chair after sitting in my lap for a while. He enjoyed eating and drinking in his own chair. I've tried to feed him a lot of liquids and I've tried to be careful to up my liquid intake to compensate for Jet nursing so much. He's getting good white cells, too, to help him with his cold, I think, as well as the physical comfort of being cuddled so much.

I like it, too. It's kind of forced me to rest and not do too much. I even figured out a comfortable way to hold him in the really comfortable rocking chair and we dozed together for a while in the afternoon. I needed that.

I think tomorrow should be better.

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