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October 11, 2002
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Opening Boxes

I got boxes today. Many of the packages I'd ordered a while ago have started to arrive, and it's a great thing. I think that the best thing about mail order is not really knowing when things are going to arrive, so when they do it's a wonderful surprise and it's really fun to just explore the things, open them up and do what I will with them.

The first thing that arrived was the BabyWow software. We pulled it out of the box, and when John was napping, Jet and I played with it with the home computer. Jet was fascinated and he loved that it did things no matter what he did to the keyboard or mouse. Something always happened. That was so cool. When I swapped it to speaking Mandarin, Jet cocked his head, and then went just as fast through all the games. He just liked hitting the keyboard to see what happens next.


Another box I got was something that I hadn't ordered, it was from Walter and Cathie. It was a picture of John, Jet and I in our snow gear when we'd gone cross-country skiing. It's a really cool picture, with all of us looking into the camera, and Jet looking like a snow-gear dressed cabbage patch kid. He's so tiny in the photo, it amazes me. He's so much bigger now, taller, more capable, everything, compared to the little guy stuck in the backpack with his arms and legs sticking straight out because the snow suit was too stiff for him to move much.

The last box, which arrived later in the afternoon, was my box of Lush products from Lush Canada. They had a new line of facial products. I was also running low on my solid shampoo, and I thought I'd try something other than just the Soak and Float bar, which is their dandruff shampoo. I am getting dandruff again, as the weather turns cold and dry and it was worth thinking about trying a few other things. I'd bought a box full of stuff for less than forty bucks American, and it was pretty cool to open it and see what I'd gotten.

I love their bath products, but I haven't been taking very many baths with the drought. Though a few dozen gallons is peanuts compared to the thousands that we used when the landscapers came through, it's still significant to my daily life. So I decided that instead of buying a bunch of bath items, I'd actually buy things I could use in the shower or when I was washing my face in the morning. Stuff I'd used every day!

I still wasn't able to resist the creamy candy bath, which is a lovely, vanilla scented bubble bath bar (the bars actually help them cut down on costs as they don't require nearly as many preservatives as the liquids do), but that was the only bath thing I bought. For the shower, I got a small bottle of Skinny Dip, a rich nut and chocolate shower gel that actually has those thing in it as well as smelling nicely of the stuff. I got three shampoo bars. Another of the soak and floats, one of their mango shampoo bars, and the Buddha Bar, which has some conditioners in it as well as shampoo. I was figuring that the new, drier conditions of the air were what was triggering the problems, so I also bought a bar of their Snake Oil. It's a massage bar of hair oil, and it's supposed to work by massaging the moisturizer through the scalp before shampooing.

The last and coolest and weirdest thing I bought was their Angels on Bare Skin. It's a facial cleanser, but the weirdest looking stuff I've ever used on my face. It looks like putty with brown flecks through it, but it's made of ground almonds, rose oil, absorbent clays, and a bit of glycerin to help the skin retain moisture. It looked so strange, but smelled wonderful.

Jet and I went downstairs after exploring my box, and I rode the exercise bicycle while he played. He really likes my old spinning wheel. It's an interesting thing for him to get into. He also really enjoyed watching the big screen TV and playing with all the toys that are down there for him to play with. I'm glad that we set it up so that we could do things this way.

Afterwards, I massaged some of the Snake Oil into my scalp, waited the twenty minutes it said and then had the best shower I've had in a very long time. That Buddha bar smells wonderful. It's all those woody, deep scents, like sandalwood, that I often associate with Asian perfumes, but light enough not to overpower things. My hair also felt wonderful after the combination of the Snake Oil and the conditioning of the Buddha bar (which has a bit of white henna and interesting clays). The Skinny Dip smelled and felt as luxurious as advertised, thought the flakes of coconut threw me a bit at first. Finally, I used a pea-sized pinch of the putty from the Angels on Bare Skin and was amazed when my face felt totally smooth and clean after just rubbing the stuff on and rinsing it off. No suds, no soap, and a completely clean skin afterwards. That somehow amazed me more than any of the other things.

So I had a great shower.

We went out for dinner, to Casa Alverez. On the way out, though, Jet fell asleep and when John pulled him out of his car seat, he slept just fine on John's shoulder. He stayed that way through our ordering of dinner, and when the food was about to arrive, I went out to get the car seat. I put it on the chair next to John and John laid Jet into it and Jet never stirred. He slept hard, and he slept all the way through dinner, only waking up when we were about to go! Oops.

He was pretty hungry and angry the whole way home, though he finally settled on a slice of his quesadilla on the way home, and gnawed it and then a few slices of it when he got home. Of course, with the long nap, Jet was then up until 11:30. Whee... getting a kid to learn how to sleep is a pretty hard thing, I think...

Given the extra time, I decided that we'd have cinnamon rolls tomorrow, and I used the mixer to mix up a batch. It's harder with the mixer with recipes I'm very much used to doing by hand. I had a much harder time judging the amount of flour to add. But it turned out okay, and I decided to just let the dough rise in the refrigerator overnight and I'd do the shaping and baking tomorrow morning. John wanted to sleep in tomorrow morning, so it would be a good project for me while I was up with Jet

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