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October 2, 2003
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Surprisingly Great Birthday

It's been a very good birthday. I hadn't really planned on it being this good, but it turned out surprisingly great.

I started by just going into work. Saying good-bye to Jet. He'd slept through the night! Which was very cool. I guess the excitement of having his grandparents here made it so that he was tired enough to just sleep through. That was really neat.

John and I had had some problems sleeping because of our colds. It just keeps drowning us out. I'm really glad Jet didn't get this nearly as badly as we did. It's a real pain.

Work was okay. I got stuff done. I got to go in for the hour and a half meeting and I realized that there were reasons it was good that I didn't have to go in all the time for this meeting. Occasionally it would hit that I would have to be going to these meetings for some time to come rather than getting to start a new schedule the way I had hoped I could.


John asked if I wanted to go out with him for lunch, and I said that I did. We had no idea where we were going to go as we pulled out of the parking lot. It was pretty funny to go a few blocks before I remembered that there was a Boston Market not too far from work. I hadn't been to one for a very long time. We used to go all the time when we were in Redmond. Comfort food. It was only after reading the labels on the frozen foods that I realized just how much fat and salt goes into that comfort food. Perhaps part of why it's so comforting.

Anyway. We went there for lunch. It was good. The double-sauced meatloaf was just as good as I remembered. The creamed spinach was just as good as well. I tried the sweet potato casserole that was topped with marshmallows, and it was actually too sweet for me! Wow. It was a great lunch, with a big bottle of water and my two antibiotic pills.

I think I'm trusting the pills too much. I maybe be expecting them to just take care of the cold when I really should probably be resting, drinking lots of fluids, and taking care of myself too, instead of doing all this work stuff and other things.

After lunch, John suggested the book store. There's a Borders a few blocks away. I agreed. It would be pleasant to be able to shop for a while without having to chase Jet around while we were doing it. It was great.

We spent a lot of time in the technical section and got lots of books there. I spotted, on the way in, the CD of The Best of The Blues, a shorter compilation of "The Best OF" the songs in the series that's playing on PBS. The series intrigues me, but the concept of being able to sit still for two hours a night every night is pretty much laughable with Jet in the house. Besides CeLena likes hearing new music, and it's fun to share good stuff with her. It's a great opportunity for me to just listen to something all the way through, too.

So I got that. Then, when John went off to do something else, I hit the SF and F area. Found Curse of the Chalion and Dipolmatic Immunity in paperback. It has been that long since I've been able to just look at books and peer at Bujold's area. I was very happy to find them both, though, and I found the new one in hardback as well, but didn't get it. I am not going to be finishing these all that soon anyway.

From there I dropped John off at the office and I went home to nap. I needed the nap badly and I knew that we were going to go swimming tonight, so I napped. I am very glad that I did, too. Isabel and George had Jet well in hand. They'd put Jet to sleep in my room, so I went to Jet's room and slept on his futon. It was quite comfortable and very familiar. So I slept, eaglespread, on the futon. Mmm... I think I was snoring pretty hard, too.

I woke up to my alarm at 3:30 and half a minute later I heard the door open. Jet looked very surprised to find me there. He jumped on me and hugged me. A bear hug for Mom's birthday gift. Growl and grin included. It was fun.

Then we went down and got ready to go to swimming. It took a while. I had planned half an hour, eventhough it only takes fifteen minutes to drive to the Rec. Center. It took all of that time and a little more. Jet didn't really want to wake up and he really wanted to nurse. But we managed all the juggling.

And we went swimming! Both John and I were too trashed to do the workouts, so we just all got dressed to go swimming and we went and did it. Jet was a little tentative at first. He even asked to go play with the toys in the kid care area, but eventually he warmed up to the whole thing, and started really playing.

He jumped, swam, ran, went down the slides, and ended up with the rest of us in the hot tub. I got chilled part of the way through, when we were still for a while as Jet, John, and George played in the fountains. So I went to the hot tub while they did the slides. Jet was goose-bumpy, too, and he came in eventually, and sat on the top step and dangled his legs and feet in the hot water. We splashed him with it, but didn't urge him any deeper, no reason for him to get too hot. Eventually, he was willing to go to the showers.

We went to The Royal Bengal Restaurant for dinner. It had been quite a while since we'd been there, and it was really good, as usual. We got the assortments, and Jet drank a lassi and ate papadom. I got a lassi as well, and it was really yummy with the spicy food, rice, and breads. It was just really leisurely. Jet was good at the table for quite a while, and then he started playing with his toys under the tables all around us. It's a very clean place and there weren't all that many people, so it was fine for him to run around. He even ended up in a corner right by the table, and played quietly there for quite some time.

When a big train went by outside, we were all so excited we kept pointing at it for Jet to see it. A couple, who had seen us from the other side of the glass got all confused and thought we were telling them to go through the other door. Oop. I caught their eye and pointed them in the right direction. Jet did get to see the choo-choo and he was pretty impressed.

From there we headed to the Cold Stone Creamery. Everyone got exactly what they wanted. George and Isabel got vanilla and coffee ice cream with chocolate chips. Jet got raspberry sorbet with sprinkles. John got peanut butter ice cream with Whoppers mixed in. I got banana ice cream with pecans and a brownie mixed in and hot fudge on top. Hee.

I love the stuff.

It was really fun to just sit there and eat with everyone and have everyone enjoy what they got.

Home again, home again, jigadjig. There were messages on the phone. One was from Mom and Dad while they were on their cruise. The other was from Kathy wishing me a happy birthday. The third message burst into song, and sang Happy Birthday to me so well that Jet was clapping and dancing to it by the time it was done. He was very impressed. He wanted it to be played several times. So Kathryn's Happy Birthday wish was very, very popular in our house. *grin* That was tremendous.

I opened Kathy's present, which I had gotten a few days ago. But it seemed appropriate that I open it on my actual birthday. It was a wonderful surprise. It was five volumes of Iron Wok Jan. It's about teenagers competing in cooking contests and 'any similarity between these characters and real people is just a coincidence'... Hee. It's very, very much infused with the spirit behind Iron Chef. Pride and face, skill and showmanship, and several other things that weren't part of the show were a really cool part of this book.

What was even funnier is that the author decided to focus on the Best of the Best of Chinese cooking in Japan! So I could tell when they didn't have all their facts straight and when they did. Of course, when they hit the realm of the mythical, I couldn't judge at all, and it didn't matter because it made for a great story.

What a spectacular gift. I loved it.

George and Isabel gave me a framed picture of Jet and John to take with me to the office It's very nice, and they promised me something for my kitchen as well. Jet and John promised me other stuff, and we'll get it when it's actually available. The Handspring site keeps saying that there ware reconditioned Visor Pro's available, but by the time one gets to the checkout, they seem to have disappeared.

Jet gave me a big bear hug, and helped me open all my presents. Then he asked for the singing again and tried to sing with it. Hee. Pretty soon, though, everyone went to sleep, and Jet was tired enough to just fall asleep while nursing just a bit.

A very good day, though kind of tiring, it was well worth it. I'm still pretty sick, even with the antibiotics, so I suspect that the bulk of what I have is a virus. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I'm taking it off because I wanted to take it off and I didn't want to face another six months of this job without some time away from it. I'll have to see how I sleep tonight to see if I need to sleep tomorrow

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