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October 1, 2003
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My Sweater

10:09 pm: The calvary has arrived. We picked up Isabel and George at the airport tonight, and Jet sang and played and danced in his chair for them the whole way home. This after exploring the airport for a good half an hour after we found them. Jet got in a very good walk. On the way in, he had a great time when John tucked him under his coat, with his head sticking out the collar. On the way out, he cheerfully rode George, under George's jacket as well. We'd forgotten his coat, and I'm not too sure he would have worn it even if we'd brought it.

He certainly refused to wear a coat this morning, when I took him to pre-school.

In fact, I had a hard time getting him to wear anything, eventhough the temperature outside was 36 degrees. Ouch. I managed to get him to wear the last of the five shirts he picked, then I tried to get him to wear pants. He would have NONE of that, even pulling them off, crying the whole time, So we ended up putting shorts on him. He would NOT wear any shoes or socks. He would not wear a coat, but I managed, somehow, to slip a sweatshirt over his head, which provided some protection.

When we got to pre-school, he understood that he had to have shoes to go in, so it was finally okay to put his shoes on. Then I had a real fight about the coat(s). I'd brought two, tried to get him to wear one of them. When he would have NONE of it for fifteen whole minutes, I finally held up both of them and asked him which one. He looked at me.

He tugged at the sleeve of my sweater. "This one."

"My coat?"


"Okay." I took my brand-new Lands End sweater off and put it on Jet, zipped it up to his chin, and tied the sleeves in a knot in front of him so that they wouldn't drag in the dirt. He smiled at me, and trundled off to play in the sandbox.

Wendy said, softly, "I am a little concerned that the sweater might get stretched or sandy."

"Probably. It's okay, he's warm. Thank you, though."

I went to work.

John was not so lucky.

He went to the walk-in clinic today as his throat was not getting any better. He finally decided it was time to ask for help, and he got his antibiotics, too. Different ones than mine, and they seemed to do him a world of good, because by the time I was back with a fast-asleep Jet, John was working away.

I had some lunch, my medicine, and then had a nap. I needed it, badly.

Jet got two hours. I got two hours. I felt lousy waking up, but with some liquids in me, I was quite happy to take care of and play with Jet while John napped. We had to get to the airport tonight, so we had to get our rest.

At 6 we left, and stopped at a Chick-Fil-A out in Thornton. We bought food, and parked the van in the parking lot, let Jet out of his seat, and we got the table up and ate in the van. Jet loved doing that. He mostly just drank his 'pop', refused to eat anything, and watched us eat. I guess he just wasn't hungry. I'd given him lunch, and he'd eaten everything I gave him, and that was around 3:30, so I wasn't too surprised.

He did drink his juice quite happily, and with the tail end of his cold, that may be what he most needs.

When we got to the airport we found out that we hadn't brought a coat, which is why Jet got to go inside of John's coat. He loved it. Thought it was the best thing ever. Just like the ride back in grandpa's coat.

Jet was just wild with having his grandparents back. He played, ran, tried to do Ring-Around-the-Rosie with his granny, and did all kinds of stuff with them. He loved it, and didn't go to sleep until they'd gone to bed. He didn't protest PJ's, toothbrushing, or anything and went immediately to sleep on nursing. Tired, happy boy

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