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October 3, 2003
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Running Around

10:08 pm: A good day, though a little scattered. I had told Jayashree I was taking it off, though I wasn't sure if I was taking it off to sleep or to do things the way I did them last week. I didn't like how things turned out last week. Another similarity to last week was that one of Jet's eyes really looked like pink eye, again. It was the other eye, though.

So this time John and I put drops in both his eyes, rather than just concentrating on the one eye to have the other eye pick it up again. He was great, again, about the whole deal, though less happy about doing it than he was the first three days.

Jet had, however, slept through the night!! John had gotten up before Jet or I had. It was pretty amazing to have Jet sleep through the night two nights in a row! I guess we got him tired enough, yesterday, with the swimming.

I had to get up at 7 in order to get out the door by 7:20, and I made it to the dentist's in plenty of time, this time. I had been paranoid about this appointment after missing the last one. Bleh. I made it, no problem, got my teeth cleaned, no problem, and got them looked at, no problem. Things seem to just be going swimmingly, that's good.

From Boulder I headed to Flat Iron's Marketplace, which is one of the outdoor strip malls around the main mall. There is a Franklin-Covey outlet there. It was, however, closed. I had gotten there a bit after nine, and they didn't open until 10. So I hit the Starbucks at the other end of the mall and it was packed, possibly with all the people working in the shops at the mall because by 10, the place was empty.

I got my usual half-decaf, organic milk latte with caramel sauce. It was good and hot and they'd actually done as I asked and put the caramel on top! Amazing. I also had a slice of banana bread because I hadn't been able to eat any breakfast before running for the office appointment.

I also had my copy of the third book of Iron Wok Jan. It was really cool, and i had the time to read it through before going to the FC store. I knew that I wanted the Cranium refill and the Forms Wizard. It had the forms that I use the most often, which cost something like five dollars for a packet of 25 of them, which I would never be able to use. I wanted to be able to just print one at a time as I needed them. They also had a lot of neat bare bones forms that could be changed to be whatever I wanted them to be. That was extremely useful.

I really liked just the blank grid, too. Simple, straightforward, and something I could use for engineering notes, in a pinch, which I could then staple into my normal engineering notebook. So nice to be able to just print them and punch them with my Levenger punch for my present setup. There were at least a dozen forms that I wanted to use, and a five dollars a pop I more than made up for the cost of the software. I love the new setup with the plastic Circa covers, even managed to cobble up a pocket by using two of the covers and taping their edges together on the sides, and using a simple paperclip to keep the side closed. I had my gift certificates and a 10% discount from buying the blank booklet in there.

Turns out that they didn't have the Cranium refills in, yet. So I put it on order, they said that they were willing to just mail it to me, which was perfect. They didn't even charge me for the shipping! That was extraordinarily cool. I got the FormsWizard, and then peered at all the binders they had for their punched pages.

There was a binder that had caught my eye in the catalogs at work. It was called a SpaceMaker binder, and it said that it was smaller, with smaller rings and thinner sides. But when I hefted it, it was still really heavy compared to the plastics of my setup. There wasn't any way on earth or off it that it would fit into my purse, whereas my super-streamlined edition fit just fine. So I decided not to buy another binder.

Mom and Dad's gift certificates covered the software and next year's two page per day Cranium refill. I had to pay something like seven bucks of the whole thing, and that was wonderful. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

From there i headed straight home. I was tired. As I got near the house, I saw George and Isabel's car headed the other way. They were going out to the park. So I went into the house and immediately drew myself a bath. A long, hot bubble bath with the next of the Iron Wok Jan manga books. I got to read that one through before the bath water got the least bit cool. It was wonderful.

From there I headed up to the office, installed the Wizard and started cobbling up some of the forms I'd always wished Franklin Covey had. *grin* It was fun.

When they came back home, Jet was deep asleep in his chair, and they tucked him away into our bedroom. We all had lunch, and at 2 I headed to CeLena's for my massage. I asked her, specifically, for a nice massage. One that just felt good, and she delivered, quite cheerfully. I'd brought along my copy of The Best of the Blues, and we listened to it through for the session. Yum. I think it was even better on her cheap sound system.

From there I headed home. Jet hadn't actually seen me all day, so he was really glad to see me. I hugged him a lot, and he wanted to see me make dinner. George tried to distract him with a bike ride, but Jet would have none of it. I put his drops into his eyes, and he didn't seem to mind that, too much. But when I tried to put a warm, wet washcloth on his eye to clean up the clotted stuff on them, he refused to let me touch him and buried his head against my body.

I ended up giving up and turning on Dora the Explorer for him. He watched it quite happily while I made beef stew. I upped the liquids, significantly. The rest remained the same as last time. I took a little while to play pony for Jet as he watched Dora riding Pinto to give cowboy cookies to Benny. He liked bouncing on my ankles in time to Pinto's gallop. I then went upstairs to work a little on more wizard stuff and other journal stuff. My LiveJournal had a dozen wishes for a Happy Birthday, and I thought I'd answer them all. That was a lot of fun.

By the time the stew was ready for the vegetables, everyone was back inside, and willing to help with dinner. Isabel made salad. John brought sweet corn from Boulder, and he grilled it quite happily. George had made bread yesterday, and we ate it with the stew, and it did a wonderful job of sopping up all the gravy. Mmmm... gravy.

Everyone really enjoyed it. A satisfying meal for a cold Fall evening, as the weather turns cold. I was really glad that everyone liked it, and Isabel said that she should make stew more often. It is very satisfying.

The evening was mostly just quiet play with Jet. He moved every thing away from the game cabinet, pulled out a couple decks of cards and played 104 Scatter. He never did pick them up. Though he did use the sofa cushion to 'waffle' them, and he rolled his roller over them to make them flat.

I got to see a little of today's The Blues, but as a lot of it was the British influences, it was really hard to understand half of what was being said. Everyone else looked really bored, so I turned to the news and the weather, instead, and it looks like things are going to clear up a bit. That should be nice.

I am, however, still really sick. I'm still coughing that hopeless kind of cough, especially when I'm tired. The ThroatSoothers tea works pretty well, but I'll probably have to resort to the hard drugs again tonight. Afrin for the nose. Robitussin for the cough. They worked so well last night.

Good night after a good day, I hope

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