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October 4, 2003
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Children's Museum and a Relapse

11:10 pm: Short Version: Tired. Up early as felt slept enough. No Jet up! Tried to nap after breakfast. No go. Shower. Jet play. Jet nap. Musubi lunch for me. Cook rice for Jet. Everyone else gets sandwich. Plan kid museum trip, but Jet up grumpy. John almost calls off. We strap him into his chair and go. Cry 2 minutes. Eats popsicle & rice w/ sprinkles. Dresses when there. Has a blast. I have pink-eye & cold much worse. I nap. They go Mina's. Hungry. Bring me food. Eat. Help Jet to bed. I see doc in morning.

I was pretty tired when I woke up, but my head was full of crap, so full of dried gunk that there was no way for me to get back to sleep. I was however, immensely amazed and relieved by the fact that Jet didn't get up once during the night. I guess all the physical activity wore him out from the day and/or he's just feeling really good about having his grandparents back for a while. Whatever it is, he slept through the night and I'm very grateful.

I was really tired, and I knew that I'd blown it yesterday by not taking a nap during all my 'free time'. I tried to nap after John got up, but had no luck. My head was filled with too many things that I wanted to do or figure out or read. So I finally got up and showered. I felt like a completely new woman after the shower. I was amazed how much that cleared me up and made my throat stop hurting. It got my sinuses clearer, and everything! That was great.

I even managed to help out with the planning for the trip, this afternoon, to the kids' museum in Denver. It's a museum just for kids, which doesn't say a lot about the contents, but we thought we'd find out what it was about. I helped to get Jet down for his nap, by nabbing him and getting him to nurse and he went to sleep just fine for a good hour while we had our lunches, did our things and got the van ready to go.

When Jet woke up we were all poised to go, but Jet was having none of it. Not a single thing. No clothing, no food, no drinks, no shoes, no socks, NO GOING OUT. He wanted to be home. We ended up with Isabel and I waiting in the car while George listened in in the laundry room, and John holding Jet and talking to him. Finally George told me that John wanted to talk to me, and John was wondering if we were pushing Jet too hard and if we shouldn't just stay home.

I wanted to stay home, too. I was so tired, but we'd planned really well, and Jet even had his lunch in the car, waiting for him. John did get a Popsicle into Jet, which should have helped with his blood sugar, and I wondered if this wasn't just one of those times when it really would be better for Jet if he went. So I said, "Let's just strap him into his seat and go. He'll stop crying in a minute or two and he'll have a blast."

So we did. He did. And then he started eating his rice with sprinkles, drinking his juice, and enjoying the ride, though he was in nothing but his diaper in his car seat. Jet did find the straps less comfortable without clothing, but I didn't harp on it at all. I think he realized, himself, that it's a lot more comfortable with clothes than without, as when we got to the museum, he allowed us to dress him, no problem, shoes and everything, and we went in.

He clung to me, at first, but a wooden fire engine bigger than his bedroom was far too intriguing for him. The museum is split up into a lot of different venues. Many of them are for babies and toddlers, some of them are for 4-8 year olds, but all of them are very much geared towards kid's play and desire for exploration. The was a series of areas that kids could explore along one route, which had small shops, a kitchen, a garden, and musical pads. All of them were kid-sized and he loved exploring them and seeing what he could do. There was a little fishing boat that he could get into and fish for fish with a Velcro tipped line. He could pull velvet carrots, radishes, and potatoes.

There was a wilderness area that had one corner of the area filled with a huge tree, with all its roots filled with caves and areas that the kids could crawl into and out of. He loved that. He thought going down into the roots from the tree center was too scary, but when he found the tunnels along the sides, he happily went into those, and wandered around, looking at ants, naked mole rats, and other creatures that lived under trees. He really liked that. There were costumes for the kids that wanted them and one little girl decided she was a momma bird with lots of little birds in the trees.

There was the requisite Lego room along side a room that was completely carpeted in roads and filed with trucks to drive along them. Jet lined up every truck in the room before other kids came in to play with him and them. He liked that a lot. There were construction areas for older kids with parts that toddlers might swallow. There were lockers that were see through along side a ball area that had all kinds of balls and goals.

It was quite the hit with Jet. I, on the other hand, got worse and worse as we went along. I hadn't brought any liquids with me, and, worse yet, when I went to the bathroom, I found that my left eye was completely and totally red. Just like when Jet had pink eye. I have pink eye. Bleh. PLUS I had all my other symptoms back, in spades. My head felt like it was going to burst. So, when the museum closed, they all went to play in the playground while I went and slept in the van. I needed it, badly.

By the time we were all done with all that, the walk-in clinic was closed. I'll have to go tomorrow morning. If I don't feel better for resting... we went home. I went right to bed. They went out to Mina's, as I encouraged them to go, as I really didn't have the energy, and it didn't seem fair to make them stay home just because I wanted to sleep. It would also be easier to sleep in a quiet house, I said, and they went. I was glad. I slept like the dead until they came back, and then I was so hungry I went out to eat the dinner they'd brought home for me.

My throat hurt so much I nearly couldn't swallow my food. Bleh.

This sucks. This so sucks. I so want to be well for once... but everyone was good. Jet was even encouraged to come to me to tell me that he'd been a good boy at the restaurant! He'd eaten his rice, had stayed with them, and hadn't gone wild, at all! Wow.

That was really cool.

I wonder if having us bundle him into the car, though he had fought it, meant something to him? Especially given how good a payoff he got when he actually got to where we wanted to take him? I dunno. I can hope

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