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October 7, 2003
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Trying to Get Well

5:20 pm: I am tired of being sick.

Sunday morning John took me into the walk-in clinic, while Jet and his grandparents went to church. The clinic was crowded, so it took an hour and a half before we could see a doctor, so John and I went to the Safeway and got all the groceries on our list while we waited. It was a LOT of groceries, and it's been a really long time since John and I have been able to do extensive shopping without a Jet to chase around and keep track of while we shopped.

The doctor was great. He understood that I was really frustrated by this cold coming back, but he also didn't want to hit me, immediately, with another set of antibiotics if I felt that I didn't need 'em. He gave me a prescription for eye drops for the pink eye, and he gave me albuterol for my asthma as it seems to be triggered by all this. There are times at night when I just can't breath for coughing, so it was something that was really good to get, just in case it got worse. He also gave me a prescription for the same antibiotics that John got that had worked so well for him. He said that in a day or two, if I felt like I wasn't getting any better, that I should use these.

Having the alternative was great.

I got on the eye drops immediately, and my eyes have cleared up pretty well, especially compared to what they were. They were completely red. Now they're just a little bloodshot.

I really liked that. John, Jet, Isabel and George then went off to have lunch with the Hamiltons at JJ's, a really good Chinese restaurant in downtown Denver. I stayed home and slept. I felt mildly better for the nap, but by night time I was having a hell of a time sleeping. I would get up and gargle with warm salt water as my throat hurt so much.

I stayed home Monday. I slept. I read in bed. I slept some more, and I didn't seem to be getting any better. In fact, as the day went on, even with all that bed rest, my throat just kept getting hotter, tighter, and it hurt a lot more. My lymph nodes swelled up to the point where I couldn't yawn without it hurting. Finally, when John came home from work, he said that he would go with me to get my prescription filled if I wanted him to. Instead, I went and got it filled myself. The pharmacist said that if I didn't eat the antibiotic with a full meal it would come up, but then he had said exactly the same thing to the woman before me. So I when I went home, I asked John how it had affected him.

I figured that if it affected him at all, then I should do the full-meal thing, but if it didn't, I'd risk less. He said that it hadn't bothered him at all, though he'd always taken it with some food. So I had my last stroopwaffle, some yogurt, and a glass of orange juice with my pill. I also ate one decongestant, two Tylenol, and got a spray of my albuterol. Mmm... all drugged up and to bed I go.

The first half of the night was really hard as my throat hurt so much, but halfway through the night it just stopped hurting! Wow! It was so nice to have it just not hurt anymore! So I slept and snored a lot. John got up early, went off to work, and gave me a hug. I stayed home again, did my eye drops religiously, and took my antibiotics with plenty of food. I slept. Took a long nap, but was woken by lots of coughing, as my lungs tried to expel a lot of stuff. I ended up in the shower, and the steam helped me cough up everything my lungs wanted to get rid of, and I've been drinking a lot of fluids. My throat does ache again, as I get more tired during the day, but it's nothing like it was last night.

Liquids help, now. Last night, they didn't do a darned thing other than hurt going down.

I think I'm getting better. I'm still not well, yet, and that's bothersome.

Isabel and George have done everything for Jet. They've been cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, the dishes, and running around outside with Jet. They've taken him to pre-school, picked him up, gotten groceries, and Isabel's making dinner right now. So all I've had to do is sleep and rest and do what I want to do... I should probably sleep some more, now...

7:47 pm: Dinner was good. John's playing with Jet. Swallowing hurts, but not as badly as it did yesterday. My eyes are still a little swollen, though I'm not too sure if it's from the sulfate in 'em or if it's the tail end of the pinkeye. I'm probably going to use the drops until my eyes are completely clear, and use my glasses until they're completely clear. The contacts will probably need another disinfecting before I wear them again. I may well just throw them out, the nice thing about disposable lenses.

I got a nap. Jet only took an hour and a half nap, after a great morning at pre-school. He actually ate soup with the other kids! Amazing. He also ate dinner with us at the table! Amazing. He had his fries and ketchup, but he cheerfully ate with us at the table, from a plate. That was really cool. I'll have to encourage him eating with us after George and Isabel go. It'll be good for all of us to have that in common, again.

Two days off has been a bit too much for me. I'm getting stir crazy. I think I'll have to go in tomorrow. We'll see how it works. The asthma is worse now than it's been the whole time, but I think that if I remember to drink a lot of liquids, it should get better. John's throat finally stopped hurting him.

I managed to finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today, and I'm looking forward to the next one. The only problem is that it's so long and the previous one was so long that so much has happened that it's hard to remember what happened in the previous books. I may... dumdumdum.... have to reread them from the start again.

That would be fun.

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