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October 13, 2003
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Scaled Down Rec. Center Visit

We actually went to the Rec. Center today! Woo!

I even got to go into work this morning, too. John, though, had an all-morning meeting, so he wasn't able to go to lunch with everyone. I went, instead, with just Chad and Bob, and we had fun at Camille's. It's a very trendy 'cafe' with all the new food trends. All of them are lunch foods, too.

Chad bought a MX6. It's gorgeous. I got to see it after lunch. That was pretty cool. It was odd to go to lunch without John, but I did okay.

I got Jet with plenty of time. We went home, and nursed. He went to sleep. I followed him because I was really tired. I was hoping to use Jet as an alarm clock to get up in plenty of time to get to the Rec. Center, but the next thing I know, it's already quarter 'til 4. I guess we were both pretty tired.

I called John, left him a message that we weren't going anywhere until 4. I manage to get Jet up, get some milk into him. Joan had managed to actually feed him lunch. She'd asked him what he wanted, and he told her! Yay! And he actually ate what she prepared for him, which she was really proud of. I'm glad.

He's eating hot food again. Cooked noodles, baked French fries, and toasted fish sticks. Yay!

John called right at 4 to make sure that 4:30 wasn't pushing it too badly. I assured him, and Jet and I proved my words true. We got there at 4:25, and had a relaxed walk over to the center. I even put on my contacts for the first time in a week! I really wanted to be able to see while I was in the water, and my eyes aren't tender at all, like they were during the worst of the pink eye.

I used the elliptical, but scaled it down a couple of notches. I'm still not 100%. I managed the half hour workout, and didn't want to really deal with weights. So I didn't. We had a pretty relaxed swim, and went to the hot tub. We got told off for having Jet on the top step, but he screamed and cried when we tried to move him to the lip of the tub. Poor toddler. He'd already been setup with the expectation that he could just sit there in peace, and having to move him completely out was just impossible. So we defied the Authorities, and let him sit on the top step and get warm before we showered.

From there we hit Souper Salad! Jet didn't eat much pepperoni. He mostly ate potato sticks, melon, oranges, and fish crackers. He ate a lot of ice cream, afterwards, too. I also ate mildly. Wasn't that hungry. But I did indulge in a vanilla Coke. I haven't had that for so long.

From there we went to Wal-Mart to get Jet some more swim diapers, but they weren't carrying them anymore! That was a bad shock. I know that Safeway isn't carrying them now that summer is over. I'll have to look at King Soopers tomorrow or something. Jet kept asking for "Donald's" when he saw the McDonald's there, but when we asked him what he really wanted to eat, he couldn't or wouldn't say.

Home again, home again, and Jet talked with me the whole way home. That was reassuring. He even asked about Daddy when John left the car to get into the other car to go home. John stayed up and we went to sleep after some herbal tea after Jet had gone to sleep.

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