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October 12, 2003
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A Regular Sunday

We went to church today. One of the few things to make me actually feel like I might be alive again. Doing the Regular thing, rather than staying home and feeling like the undead. I liked that.

John got up early with Jet. I slept in and was still tired when I woke up. I wonder, though, if it's allergies rather than any lingering side effects of the cold.

We went to Cafe Luna's and had coffee and bagels and pastries. Jet asked for banana 'cake', and he ate some of it, but mostly he drank his huge warm chocolate. He loved it. He really liked the whipped cream on top, and he was pretty sure of which chair and table he wanted. Even when John tried to move everything to a bigger table, Jet insisted on the table he'd originally picked.

From there we headed to church and Jet started asking, "Where are the kids?" as soon as he got out of the Eurovan. He was pretty happy to find the other kids in the toddler room. Service was good. Jet ran up with all the other kids for the kids' message, and went back with all of them as well. No problems. He was grinning the whole time, and while up on the stage, Grace, the other two-year-old, hugged him a lot and kept her arm around him. Hee.

Afterwards, Jet helped John pick out his snacks, and then he sat at the kids table and smiled a lot and watched all the other kids while eating. He ate half a dozen crackers, wouldn't eat the cookies or licorice whips. He did eat a few M&M's, but that was about it. He really liked the crackers. He drank two cups of juice, and politely asked for more when he was done with the first one.

Afterwards, he and I went out on the church's garden and lawn and ran around for a while. He walked the brick wall from one end to the other, only causing me to gasp and trying and catch him once. He was pretty nonchalant about doing it, too, and actually did quite well. At the end, he found a rockery, and with a cracker still clutched in one fist, he tried climbing it. He fell down and scraped his hand, but didn't let go of the broken cracker, at all, until I told him to just leave it there. He tossed it onto the rockery, and then went inside to wash his owie.

When we got him into the van, he was actually pretty good about getting into his seat, and went right to sleep.

Home again, home again. I updated the journal and actually a huge chunk of my website. The new Mozilla browser has problems with relative paths if they begin with an http tag, so I had to remove all the tags that I'd had scattered throughout the site. I even wrote a perl script to handle all the daily journal entries that had extraneous "http"s in 'em. The rest I did with vi and by hand. Not a lot of them, but enough to be annoying.

When Jet woke up, we did some cookie decorating. The rest of the Halloween cookies needed to be iced. John mixed up a bunch of white icing, and then made black and orange and away we went!. The icing was really simple, just powdered sugar and just a bit of milk and lots of stirring. The corn starch in the powered sugar made the texture all strange and interesting. It gets really stiff when being stirred vigorously, but gets all pliable and soft when it's left alone or allowed to just move on its own. It built nicely on the cookies, and dried to a smooth, shiny surface that could then be written on with the writing icing.

Jet was in charge of sprinkles, and he started eating them by the handful before finally asking, "Rice with sprinkles?"

I'd soaked some rice before I worked on the journal, and it cooked while we iced. It was the Tamaki Haiga rice. The instructions said to cook it with 1 1/4 cup of water per cup of rice, which is mildly more than most short grain rice takes. I was thinking of it as still some variety of brown rice, so thought that would work. It came out extra gluey sticky. The rice balls I made with it were super dense and solid.

Jet loved it. He could pick the ball up in his fist, smash it against his 'sprinkles' (which was a mix of the dried fish and seaweed along with a few Halloween sprinkles), and it wouldn't break. It picked up a lot of the sprinkles and when he ate it, it didn't fall apart. So he scarfed down an entire rice ball and then stole one of mine and ate half of that as well.

The rice, itself, was a little odd, in that each grain had a tiny pearl of germ at one end. It was almost like looking at frog's eggs, translucent with a pearl point at one end. Beautiful. The texture was just like overcooked, soggy rice, but the balls held together really well. John liked that. I didn't like the texture at all, but between the boys and I, we finished the two-cup pot of rice. Not a bad deal.

The boys watched football and played. I cleaned up my website some more. Then I made phad thai for dinner. Jet ate pepperoni and crackers. He sat with us. That I'll encourage, greatly.

After dinner, though, I still had my craving for chocolate chip cookies, so I finally decided to just make some. I used the Bernard C bittersweet chips and The Best Recipe's big, soft, chewy cookie recipe. I don't think I got it right, as the edges are still pretty crisp. I think I went wrong when I put cold eggs into the melted butter mixture. The cold eggs firmed the butter right back up again, which prevented the gluten formation when the flour added. When butter melts, it separates into water and fats, and when the separate water interacts with flour, it makes for more gluten or protein strands, which makes for a chewier cookie. I totally forgot that the eggs would do that. Ah well.

I really need to remember to get my eggs to room temp.

The cookies were really tasty, though. Toasted pecans and lots of big, fat, melted chocolate chips. John and I loved them. Jet asked for one, but when he looked at it he gave it back to me, "No thank you."


John went to sleep when Jet looked like he was going to go to sleep no problem. Jet took a while to calm down, though, and was still wiggling and patting me when I turned him to the other side. A good fifteen minutes later, and he was asleep. Whew. 10:15. I put him to bed and stayed up just long enough to drink a glass of fresh apple cider. Then I went to sleep, too. I need it

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