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October 14, 2003
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More Antibiotics

John woke up with a very sore throat. Uh oh.

So he went to the doctor after dropping Jet off at pre-school. It was just like when I had finished my first series of antibiotics. When he went to the doctor they gave him a stronger set of antibiotics and said that that was the standard procedure. They also told him to just take it easy while he was on the antibiotics. No working out, specifically, which surprised both John and I, but I think we'll both take it a bit easier now that we know.

So that was good.

He tried to sleep, but couldn't. The antibiotics, though, made him much happier almost immediately.

I had a full day at work. I implemented the plan that I'd worked out with Judi yesterday and got my guarantee on when I'd be able to go on to my new job. That was a good thing to have settled. Less butterflies in the stomach, more surety and more involvement in the things that I'm doing right now.

One the way home I dropped by King Soopers to look for swim diapers, and a few items. As John wrote it, "Getting more pepperoni would be prudent." It's the one thing that Jet'll eat all the time, now, so getting it was something of a priority. Also, the boys had decided that there weren't enough cookies in the house, so they made a big batch of peanut butter cookies and subsequently needed more peanut butter.

Home again home again, and as soon as I got home, John took off for a church meeting. He was certainly feeling better. I ate some chicken and some mashed potatoes, not really feeling like making a full meal of it. So I just had that. Jet had a slice of toasted pepperoni pizza that he ate half of and then ignored in favor of crackers and pepperoni. He cheerfully ate that along with plenty of juice and milk to cut the salt.

We watched Toy Story twice. Then I pulled out Blast!, which David had given me for my birthday. Jet actually watched the first three-quarters of it, no problem. But then he wanted the TV turned off and wanted to play with the TV off. I don't blame him, in some ways, but I really wanted to see the end of it. We finally both talked to each other about what we really wanted, and we decided on turns. He'd had two turns of movie, so it was my turn, and he would have Bob next, if he wanted, and he wanted. So we finally settled it. He muttered mildly about having to give me a turn, but it was something he knew about from dealing with other kids.

So he let me watch the last of my movie. Resentfully, but that's okay. He can feel what he wants so long as he gives me the room to do what I need to do, too.

By the time we got Bob on, he was so tired, he wanted to nurse. John had gone to bed early, as he's sick. So I nursed Jet and got him to sleep. I stayed up to watch a bit of Good Eats, drink a mug of hot cider, and go to sleep.

Food Network is now showing episodes of Good Eats every night! Woo. That's going to make it a mite harder to keep track of when the new episodes show up, but that's okay. It's amusing to know the episodes well enough, at this point, to really know which ones are repeats just from the names.

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