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October 15, 2003
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9:34 pm: I'm tired. Picked up Jet's mild intestinal bug from Sunday. Just really tired and my gut's not too happy with me.

We did go into work this morning. I got a rather important meeting together to deal with my area of greatest risk. No one else is running into the problem that I'm running into at the moment, but three other groups have stuff that relate to it. So we finally talked it out and there are going to be some changes to the representation as we now know it.

That'll be something for the meeting tomorrow.

We got home, got Jet, he fell asleep in the car on the way home. I slept with him because I was so tired.

I played with Jet until 4, after John's meeting, and fed him chicken nuggets. He ate them all. I made myself rice balls for dinner, as my gut was unhappy with me, and Jet ate one of them. Then he saw John's fries, so he ate a pile of them, too. There's a new upside-down Heinz's ketchup bottle that has a valve in it to keep it really neat. John thought it was pretty cool. Jet liked it, too, and tried squirting his own ketchup onto his own plate.

Jet now says ketchup correctly. When he was much smaller, he used to call ketchup "Keputch" Hee.

This morning, Jet actually wore his own coat. He really likes the knit cap that I made him, so I had no problem getting that on him. Then he started asking to put on my coat, but since I wasn't wearing a coat, yet, I could honestly say, "I haven't got a coat. You have to pick one of yours." So he picked his bear coat, the pale blue one with the little ears, and he wore that. This is much better than the last several times or the big battle he had with John yesterday. Whew.

Jet actually wore a coat, long pants (over his shorts), and socks with his shoes in 40+ degree weather. That was really good for once. I think that with practice and time and him getting used to having to wear stuff while outside, again, he'll get to wearing all that no problem.

Jet also asked for ice cream for dessert, and since he ate so much dinner, he got a scoop of cherry chip in one of his cone, and he dealt with it very neatly. He also got out the all-Japanese version of My Neighbor Totoro and watched that really steadily until he wanted to go to sleep. He even told John that he wanted to nurse, so he went with him to get his teeth brushed.

John's feeling better with his new series of antibiotics. I'm hopeful

I got to talk with my parents for a while now that they're back from their cruise. Sounded like they had a blast. I'm glad. It was good to just catch up with them. Yay!

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