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October 16, 2003
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Taking It Easy

We took it easy today, no Rec. Center. After John's doctor's admonishment to take it easy, we did.

I didn't get up until 7:30 and got a shower in before 8. Jet and I stayed home while John went in to work, and we had fun together. Jet wanted to be naked, so he was but for his diaper. We watched stuff together, and went outside for a bit and Jet ate a series of things.

We then stayed inside while I had my meeting. Jet did great on the most part, but he did find my pair of #10 knitting needles, bamboo ones, and he managed to break one of them. I am very sure that I don't want to know how he did it, but he did it. He brought the pieces to me, looking worried, and I was very sad about the breakage, but it really was my fault for not watching him more closely. We put it in the garbage and he didn't object when I took the other one away. I think he understands that breaking something means that you can't play with it any more, but I'm not too sure how much he knows or cares beyond that, yet.

When my meeting was done, I got Jet dressed to go outside, but he insisted on wearing his 'jammas' instead of 'no pants! No shirt!' So he went out in his truck pajamas, which were pretty much like any matching set of clothing. And we went out on the sun-warmed porch and played there until Joan came. I said, "Joanie's here! Joanie's here!"

And Jet ran over to Joan saying, "Joanie! Hi, Joanie!"

That really tickled Joan, as she's had problems getting him to say her name. So she was pretty pleased by it. Jet climbed into his chair when we got it strapped into place and waved to me as he left. I'm so glad he isn't having any more problems with leaving.

I worked.

When I went to get Jet at 3 we went to the Erie Conoco and got donuts. I was craving a single, raised Krispy Kreme donut, and since I was getting one for myself, we got Jet one with sprinkles, too. He got to pick his out, and I put it in the bag along with mine and we went and paid for them. When the lady saw him, she asked him if was getting a donut and he answered that yes, he was. Then, when she handed them back to me after I'd paid for them, Jet said, loud and clear, "Thank you for donut!"

She grinned at that and waved as Jet skipped for the entrance. He reminds me of Boo, a lot, when he does that. But he ran outside, and got into the car, and climbed into his seat. I gave him his donut with a napkin. He actually did his best and ate the donut out of the napkin and when he got icing all over his hands and I saw him trying to wipe it on his chair arms, I told him, "Please use the napkin on your hands." And he did!

He actually wiped his hands on the napkin. He traded off the donut and the napkin between hands, wiping one, eating with the other, then wiping that one and eating with the other. He finished off his donut, and wiped both hands and actually hung onto the napkin until we got home! I was pretty amazed by that, and told him that I really appreciated him hanging onto the napkin until he was done.


So we got home, and I got to eat about two-thirds of my donut when Jet demanded more donut. He ate the last third of my donut. *grin* That was pretty funny, but hey, it's calories I don't have to deal with and they're calories he needs simply to be as active as he is and still grow. I don't think he's starved at all, since he is so highly active, but it never hurts for him to steal calories from me in that way, I think.

When John got home, he offered to make taco salad and I took him up on the offer. I worked. I also got the beginning of October up and ready to go. That's a good thing. I also read a bit from past entries, and given that I have three copies of the entries that I put up here, now (one in my Visor db, one in notepad from the Visor editions, and then the one that's posted) I don't think I could lose months of work at a time any more, like I did back in '97. The amusing thing was finding that back in '97 I actually weigh exactly the same that I weigh now. I'm just not playing soccer every other day and I've spread out a bit more, but I actually weigh exactly the same. What an odd thing to realize. I have automatically been thinking that I weigh more now than I did then, because of giving birth to Jet and going up a pant size; but actually I weigh exactly what I did six years ago. Not a bad thing.

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