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October 18, 2003
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Sleeping and Italian Food

I was really depressed today. I got a cold, again. It seems to be related to the cold that would never die in that I have a sore throat, but there are differences, too, so I can hope about that.

But both John and I pretty much spent all day asleep or sleeping. Jet napped around noon-thirty, and we didn't do a damned thing until late in the afternoon.

On the other hand, Jet had a great morning. He ran around, completely naked, all morning, and used the potty whenever John or I suggested it. He had one small accident, and caught it himself. So we cleaned that up together, poured enzyme stuff on it, and he was happy that I cleaned things up. That was pretty cool. So he used the potty all morning. I made it a choice for him, either use the potty or get put back into diapers. So he was willing to use the potty until he was ready for his nap.

After Jet's nap we finally decided that we'd had enough of being in the house. So we went to Westminster and checked out an Italian deli that John had found in the newspaper. It's really good, too. They actually carry Italian style Lady's fingers and Limonada and the orange version of the same kind of Pellegrin pop. I love those, and they were pretty expensive, but I bought the imported six-pack anyway. They have their own sauces, sausage, roasts, and pastas. They do sandwiches, canoli (dough wrapped around fillings, but small and very tasty with sauce), and other prepared food as well as bakery items. Jet latched onto a package of crisp, vanilla pizzalles, and he eagerly ate one while we had our meatball filled canoli for our 'lunch'. It was past four already and we were starving, hadn't had the gumption to get our lunch together earlier than that.

I found Thank You notes in the shop next door, and that was enough to carry me through. I wrote up thank you notes for everyone that sent me something for my birthday. That was fun.

Then I thought about taking nap, but I couldn't. Jet hadn't gotten a chance at a playground on the way home, so we went to the Erie playground and he got to play there for quite a while before we herded him towards the new Formaggio, a pizza place. It's new in town, and they were really hot inside, but we got in and sat down and ate. It was good. Jet liked his lemonade. He also tried the pizza, but he didn't like it enough to keep eating it.

Ah well. We went home, and he had some ramen brick for his dinner, decided that that was what he wanted. He also got ice cream, but he actually didn't eat much of it. I was surprised.

Jet really liked the playground. I was glad of that, and he slid for a while. Then he pushed both John and I around on the Merry-go-around. He had fun making it go 'really fast!' with us on it. He then had fun hanging from the baby swing while John and I swung a bit on bigger swings. He pushed the teeter-totter up and down and up and down. He wrestled with the digging toy, and he had a good time, all in all. I'm glad that even when we're sick he can have a blast

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