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October 17, 2003
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Mountains of Wool and a Bath At Last

10:23 pm: Wow. What a great day, for all the unexpected reasons. It was sunny, beautiful. Jet had a great morning at Joan's, was up twice, but we managed to trade off and deal. Getting up once a night isn't that bad, I do it myself most of the time, anyway.

The unexpected thing was that Kathryn had picked up all the spinning stuff I'd sent her yesterday, and she was ecstatic with all of it. Mountains of wool. I loved the description, and I am really getting a much, much bigger kick out of how much she loves what I sent her than I thought I would. I don't really know if I'd really thought it all through, but it was so very cool to find that she was loving what I sent and that she had all kinds of questions and all kinds of plans and all kinds of things she wanted to do with it all.

That was just really neat.

Living vicariously. Plus being able to trot out all the things that I'd learned while I was doing the stuff was such a bonus. It's so odd thinking that I used to teach spinning, that I used to do it so much that it was a living, breathing part of me. Now it's been so long and so rusty it's odd. What's very cool is that remembering all this is bringing to me no regret of leaving it behind, either. Just delight that Kathryn's finding such joy in it.

That's so cool.

John's still sick. He's still got a sore throat. I was glad that I was able to give him time to nap and time to get to bed earlier than I am. He's still coughing a bit, but I bet it's easier on him, a little, to know that he's not keeping me up.

Jet's still hale and hearty and ate a lot today. He had half a dinner plate sized cinnamon roll for breakfast. He had snacks at Joan's. He had chicken for lunch. He had both half a block of ramen noodle and a whole rice ball (with egg and green onions hidden in it) along with the dried fish and seaweed 'sprinkles'. I'm glad he didn't even ask for the candy sprinkles. I shouldn't assume that he wants them, either.

John and I had tonkatsudon, but I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs instead of pork. It came out beautifully. The chicken pieces were really tasty, and they fried up crisp and perfect when I heated the oil enough before adding them to the pan. Pretty much all the oil came back out, too. I always liked that Crisco ad that had all but two tablespoons of the oil coming back out after frying a whole chicken.

The egg and green onion dashi custard was really good on top of it all, too. Jet even liked it with his rice. Yay! A way to feed him eggs! And green vegetable! Woohoo! Okay, so he had to have the mixture in a rice ball, but that's easy enough with the mold.

John inhaled his portion in nearly nothing flat. He was hungry.

Jet asked for a bath when I was changing him out of a poopy diaper, so he got his bath. Especially since we didn't go swimming yesterday, it seemed like a great idea. He had a blast, we got mildly wet, and Jet smelled wonderful coming out of it. He didn't want to get out of the bath, but the lure of ice cream was enough to get him out.

We all had cherry chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. The funny thing was that Jet only ate a few spoonfuls before he gave up on it. Then he drank an entire glass of milk. That was pretty cool. When John decided to go to bed, as he's still sick, Jet decided he wanted to nurse. So both the boys are asleep, now, and I'm up catching up a little. It's good to have the time and not be too tired.

Sounds like John's mom and dad are planning on spending Christmas here, with us. Since all their kids with kids are staying home for the holidays, and Walt and Cathie often end up in tropical climes for the holidays, they could go anywhere. It's very cool that they decided they'd love to visit us. Maybe this time John and I will be well enough to take advantage of the babysitting. *grin*

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