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October 23, 2003
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Mall Adventure and Swimming

I'm still more sick than I want to be and more than I'm allowing myself to be, really.

I got the morning off from work, as the normal, morning meeting didn't happen. So Jet and I saddled up and just as we were going to get into the car I found that I couldn't find Jet's car seat. He helped me look, even going upstairs to look for it, and he kept asking me, "Where my seat? Where my seat?"

I called John, but he wasn't there, and given that we'd looked everywhere, it was likely that it was in the Passat, which he'd taken to work. I wish he'd looked in the backseat for even an instant to take it out. Given that he'd taken Jet with him to get Lui food last night, I could guess that he'd just left the seat in the back of the car.

So I left a message, and then got into the Eurovan with Jet, and strapped Jet into the middle seat with just the lap belt. I figured that would do the best job of keeping him in the car and not strangling (with a shoulder strap) or beating (like the airbag in the front seat would) him up in the case of an accident. Playing the best odds I could given what I had... so we drove to Xilinx that way. No accidents, not even a stop by the policeman. The only thing that happened, really, was that Jet fell asleep sitting straight up against the straight back of the seat and kept toppling over when I stopped or turned the vehicle. He'd wake up with a start and then go back to sleep again.

But when we got there Jet insisted on getting out of the van while I moved the chair in, and he took off for the building, saying, "Want in. Want in!" I explained to him that I didn't have my badge, so we couldn't get in, but I finally had to just airlift him back to the van. He took that in stride, and we headed to the Twin Peaks mall. While walking in he said, "See Dante? I want see Dante."

We haven't seen much of Dante since the summer. Jet misses him, oddly more than he misses seeing Haley. Haley missed Jet something fierce during the July trip and while Jet had his grandparents to play with, but Jet doesn't seem to talk about Haley as much as he does about Dante. I think I scared Dante's mom off by offering to baby-sit or whatever so that Jet could play with Dante, but so it is. I had to try.

Anyway... Jet had fun at the mall play area. He sat and drove his truck around a new rug that just had a little town with lots of streets printed on it. He stayed there for a good fifteen minutes before he got up and started just running and running and running around the area. He avoided other kids adroitly, but he just ran with purpose. He ran a good six times around the large enclosure before he rushed the 'mountain' and climbed it one of the harder ways. He had been talking about "big rock! Climb big rock!" earlier, so he was prepared to do so, I guess. So he climbed and climbed and ran some more and finally he came to me and said, "I want snack."

So we put his shoes back on, and I bought him a strawberry ice cream cone. He ate it greedily, and let me clean off the drips. It was pretty horrible ice cream, but he liked it and I figure the proteins from the agar shouldn't hurt him any.

From there Jet ran off in the direction of the arcade, but he couldn't figure out how to get into the glassed-in area. I was glad. He sat on all the coin-operated rides for a while, driving, and while he told me that "moneys go in there" a few times he didn't seem to get too mad when I didn't put any money in. From there, he hit the phone shop, and said "Hello! Hello?" to every character phone in the shop. He even sidled his way to the window-side of the display to speak to Goofy, the M&M's, and Pooh. My phone rang when he was doing that and Jet looked delighted. It was John, calling to apologize for not realizing that the car seat was in his car and to say that he was really glad that I'd just gone and done something about it instead of waiting on him. It was already well over an hour since I'd called him, he was stuck in meetings, so it was good.

I thanked him for the apology, and he said that I sounded much calmer now.

It was true.

From there, we headed out to the main mall area. Jet marched right into the pet shop. I think Joan takes him there on these mall outings. It was pretty sad. But Jet liked seeing the rats, the rabbits, and the birds in their cages. He peered at the puppies, only a few of which were alert enough to actually peer back. On the way out he found a toy kiosk in the middle of the hallway, and proceeded to pull down and play with everything he could. I let him play for a good fifteen minutes and then picked him up gently and hauled him away. Just one store. Then he demanded to be put down, and he walked as fast as he could in the direction I was going, rather than running back to the toys.


We stopped at the candy shop and I got some Jelly Bellies for myself. Jet picked a few, too, and he conscientiously ate the ones that he picked, at first. Then he got a couple of the others in his mouth. Then he decided to just pick out the ones that he wanted to eat. One by one. He's way too much like me. grin

With the bag of jellybeans I was able to get him to the car. I laid him out on the floor, did a quick change, and then strapped him in. He fell asleep on the way home, so I just bought his seat in and propped him up in the kitchen while I brought everything else in and settled down to read some workbooks. That was good. Joan arrived at 12:30, freshly scented by her last housecleaning assignment, and she had someone at home that could handle bringing Jet into the house. She'd gotten her cast off, but still had strength and ability issues to work out in physical therapy.

So they went off. I sat at home and tried to work. I was too tired, though, from all the things I'd done this morning, and my throat was really bothering me. Hard to think when my brain feels really fuzzy and I'm just too tired to think really complex problems through.

I hated that.

By 3:30 I was ready to get Jet, and we came home long enough to feed him some juice and pretzels and then we were off to the Rec. Center. We met John at the front desks, got in, changed, and went swimming. Jet had a bad moment when he started yelling, "Want to play with toys! Want to play with toys!" But since we weren't doing a workout today, since we were sick, he had to do without. We just were weathering it when a very nice lady gave Jet a blow-up globe. It's just a blow-up plastic ball, but he loved it, and took it into the pool with him. He chased it everywhere, threw it around, retrieved it and had a blast with it. I'm glad she took pity on us.

The other folks didn't arrive. John hadn't called them until noon today, so it wasn't unexpected. Too late a notice. Jet got to sit on the top step of the hot tub, today, undisturbed, and he enjoyed it, and relaxed.

We had dinner at Ichi-ban, as I wanted meat but could accommodate Jet's desire for noodles and soup and John's desire for something lighter. So I had beef teriyaki, which was very good, and a vegetable tempura, which was great, as usual. Jet actually stole my tempura asparagus "really big stick!" and ate most of it. He also ate a few slivers of carrot quite happily. Wow. Surprised the heck out of John. I'd been expecting him to do that sometime. Jet was always so interested in the tempura and the dipping sauce, it seemed like something he might like, eventually.

He didn't eat a lot of it, but I have no doubt that he might, sometime.

That was very cool.

Home again, home again, and after dropping John off for the other car, Jet asked if we were going home. I affirmed his guess and he chortled and settled down to singing and talking about stuff, as usual. That was really nice.

John let me go to sleep 'early'. I hadn't nursed Jet all day, though, so I stayed up. I did, however, brush my teeth, pull out my eyes, and get ready for bed. By the time Jet was willing to nurse, I was ready to go to sleep, afterwards, and I did. I am glad.

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