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October 22, 2003
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Coats, Baths, and Communication

2:00 pm: I am trying out the fitaly stamp sw to see if it is worth using as a primary means of data entry. There are any reasons to like it, but I am not really sure how much of it is just my brain on hype.

I really like the slides but I am having a hard time finding all the letters. There is still less logic than searching. It is certainly better than the QWERTY keyboard already. Just the combination of the space placement and the slide caps is a huge improvement. I'm impressed that I can form and express complete thoughts.

I had another experiment a little too close to this one. John bought me a Visor Neo and I eagerly tried to synch it to the data that I had on my laptop. I should have synched my old Visor first. I lost one diary entry to the ether of mis-placed synchs. I am not entirely sure how, but the new machine does all I want it to. That is enough for me at the moment.

OK. This is entirely viable. Especially with the slide caps and numbers. Even with my hokey, paper stamp this seems easier than the normal way of doing things. The only problem is that it really wears on my right hand. That is the hand that already has problems. Holding a stylus is not the best thing for it. A good reason not to buy this is that the keyboard at least spreads the work between both hands.

Not that I couldn't use the keyboard for long things. And it's not like I used to enter sentences in graffiti either.

7:42 pm: Okay, that's definitely a pain, but interesting to see that I can actually do it. My hands ache. I think that some of it because I was working in the kitchen with my laptop for most of last week and the beginning of this week. I can actually feel the grip of my right hand getting worse. So I should stop doing that and go back to my usual usage patterns and only rely onthe fitaly stamp for the things that I was using graffiti for and seeing if it's any easier. I'm kind of sure that it will be, but I don't know if it's thirty-five dollars' worth of better.

They do have the floating version for only twenty-five, but it doesn't have the thing I'd use the most, the slide-cap. It's interesting realizing that makes it so that I probably wouldn't get it. I type a lot more spaces than I do capitalized letters. I'll have to think about that. I think that if I had a wireless Palm, where I was trying to answer email or do something more with it than grocery lists, I probably would get it if there wasn't already a keyboard built into the thing.

The rest of today's been okay. Spent the morning at work, talking to people, doing stuff. Came and got Jet with John, he fell asleep on the way home, with a little side trip along the county roads to lull him off. He slept for an hour and a half while I worked on getting things to go. Then I watched Jet while John had a meeting that went over by half an hour. John also got a half-hour before hand while I was nursing Jet, so I'm making John take care of Jet now. I need the time to catch up here and with work.


I'm still sick. Jet didn't get up at all last night, again. I think it's something like the third or even fifth night in a row. I haven't been tracking them anymore. Maybe I should. But Jet didn't get up until 7 am, which meant that we were already late to meet up with Dave K. Oops. Since both John and I are sick we decided to just bag it and stay home, have a casual breakfast, and then get to Luna's for our mochas after dropping Jet off at his pre-school.

Jet actually wore a coat today, when presented with the choice or two coats. He even put on his knit cap when asked to. I gave him a kiss good-bye, and he tried to kiss me back, but missed. So he grabbed my leg and kissed that, instead and then smiled at me and ran off to play with Wendy. Wendy says that all of the kids are getting better acclimated and doing better with the routine that she's set up. Instead of vegetable soup, they're making oatmeal. The funny thing was that one of the big reasons Wendy decided to do that was "Jet eats it!"

Amazing what Jet can get people to do for him.

When we went to pick him up, he was actually wearing his sun hat along with the other kids! They were all wearing sunhats, so he decided to, too, I guess. And he was manfully pushing a children's sized wheelbarrow around, filled with dirt. Wow. He trundled up with it, set it down carefully, and then ran to hug me. Wow. That was really neat.

Then, of course, he took off his hat and threw it on the ground. *grin*

He was really happy, really tired, and kind of wet, so we changed him right in the trunk and he was good and comfortable for the ride home. He also told me when he was poopy, today, so I could change it nigh instantly. A good thing.

I'll admit it. I'm still mildly in awe of the Neo. It's beautiful, so smooth and perfect and no cracks like my old Visor. It works perfectly with my old data, with my keyboard, and with all the things that I do normally with my Visor. So I'm very, very, very glad to have backup to my old, decrepit system. I'll have it when or if the old one gives up the ghost. I'm still mildly in awe of the new system, though. I am really glad it works.

Jet asked for another bath last night, at the last minute, so I may run some water tonight to see if he's interested in a bath after watching Dora and letting John and I do a bunch of computer and phone stuff.

10:17 pm

Jet got his bath. He had a great time in it, and then, after we had dried him off and were lotioning him up, he started rubbing my head when he could reach it. He kept doing it for a while. When I got out of his reach, he said, "I want clean your hair!" He was washing my hair! That was pretty cool. I'd just washed his, so it seemed fair. He asked john to let him rub his head, too, but he only did it for a bit and went back to my hair. I guess I have more hair.

Jet had a great evening. He went with John to get dinner at Lui's. John said that jet had been very helpful and was very polite for the trip. They'd had no problems, and Jet ate four helpings of rice with sauces from the various dishes and a bit of chicken from the mu shoo. He had a great dinner. I think that part of that was because he'd been running around like crazy with Ben and Sam while John took care of Jet as I worked. A good thing.

The other Jet thing I wanted to capture was that while Jet and I were sitting in the livingroom watching Dora the Explorer, I got hungry, so I went and got one of my palm-sized chocolate chip cookies. I sat down next to him and offered him a bite.

Jet took one look at it and said, "No. Don't want it. Bread."


"Yeah. I want bread." I looked at him. he looked right back. "Bread! Bread!"


I gave him the heel of the seven-grain loaf we have. He took it happily and ate all around the outside of the heel slice. He wouldn't eat the middle. That was so funny. He liked the seeds and grains around the top, and he really liked the crust's crust, but he wouldn't eat the middle of the slice. He totally turned his nose up at my cookie, too. I was pretty impressed.

Then, after his big dinner, he asked for a "Pink! Pink! I want pink!" We finally figured out that it was a pink Popsicle. Though he actually got an orange one. He ate it at full gallop, too.

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