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October 27, 2003
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Long, Quiet Day

I am getting better. Still not well, yet, but at least I've more energy, on the most part, than before. Not enough to go to the Rec. Center this evening, though. I had to call John at a bit before four to tell him that I just wasn't going to be able to make it.

It was a long day. Or at least it felt like it. Mondays are always long, and it consistently surprises me when I have to go into work on Monday. I'm so used to my lazy Monday mornings, where I can take most of the morning to come back up to speed on working that it's hard to drive in and really get into stuff immediately. I had people to talk to, emails to write and all kinds of things going on as soon as I got there.

It was exhausting.

I got to lunch with everyone and I mostly slumped in my seat, ate my food and drank my drink and was glad to go and get Jet. Jet was exhausted, too, and went right to sleep in the car. He stayed asleep for a good three hours, not really waking up until nearly 4. Given that we had to leave then to make it to the Rec. Center to meet up with John, I sent John and email saying that we just weren't going to make it.

Jet asked for a corn dog for dinner/lunch, and he got it. It was really nice having him ask for something and then eat the whole thing right then and there. I was really glad of that. John made a quick dinner of spaghetti, bread, and meatballs. We also had salad. That was good, quiet, and simple. We watched a little football before Jet popped in Dora and away the tape went.

A very quiet evening. I was glad of it after the day

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