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September 13, 2001
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Miracles And A Normal Day

10:06 am: I'm not sure if I am updating more often because I'm on a machine that's already connected to the network and I can just upload stuff immediately or if it's just because of the events of this week. Either way, I seem to be updating more often and more immediately, and it feels good to be able to do so.

Jet was only up at 4 last night. He seems to be doing this in gradual steps so that I can get used to being so darned full of milk, which is a good thing. It's starting to feel like a minor miracle. Then again, it's probably just how Jet's growing, as he started this multiple ups per night at exactly four months, and it looks like he's started this once per night up (with caveats for stuffed noses) at almost exactly seven months. I'm pretty amazed, all in all, and pretty convinced that it really isn't anything that John or I did so much as just Jet himself. Then again, it might have just been for the three months of summer weather, for all we know. Whatever it is, it's very welcome.

The weather has become beautiful and really comfortable. Cool nights and warm but not too hot days. We haven't had to use either AC or heater for the last couple of days. It's been very nice.

I have no physical reason for feeling as exhausted as I do. I think it's just all the emotions I've been going through with respect to the attacks. Eventhough there hasn't been anyone I know who has been injured. Half a dozen gamers were supposed to meet with folks in the WTC on Tuesday morning, but had played D&D until too late the previous night so they all over slept. My boss' boss's brother escaped in the evacuation. Yesterday we heard of a co-worker's wife's co-worker's friend was working in the WTC on that morning and he couldn't get out and was on the eightieth floor when the building collapsed. He was dug out of the wreckage yesterday without any serious physical injuries.

So many miracles, may they continue.

The stories, though, keep coming through and I keep thinking and processing.

7:30 pm: The day was pretty quiet. Jet and I had lunch, he nursed, watched me eat, had some solids and was still so fussy by the end of that that I just let him nurse again. Then the two of us went up to the office and he rolled around the office floor, picking up everything and anything and tried to eat everything. I closed the office door and he had the run of the office.

He picked up the plastic garbage can and banged on the side of it for a while, and then dropped it on its side and liked the crash. He tried pulling the plastic bag out for a toy, but I took that away from him the instant I heard plastic rustling. So I put that well out of his way. He found my plush squid and sucked on the arms for a while until he got bored with that and then rolled himself next to the file cabinet and he started pounding on the side of it again, delighting in the sounds. Eventually he wedged himself under the electric piano and was pushing at the pedals with his hands and banging them with his head for a while. Eventually, he found a corner he could tuck himself into and he pulled a ring of plastic keys in after himself. I kept hearing the little music chime going off as he sucked thoughtfully on the plastic key set and peered at the under side of the electric piano. I didn't think there was much to see there, and the spot he picked looked awfully uncomfortable, but he was pretty content.

So I worked for two hours as he did all this. It was really good to not have to pay attention all a once. I could take the small breaks and do things still. Writing specifications doesn't take quite the kinds of concentration that can't be broken by a baby making putt putt sounds. We had breaks to change him and stuff, but that was about it.

Then we went downstairs, played for a while and then I wanted to make myself a snack, so I put some frozen mango slices in the blender, added half a cup of plain non-fat yogurt and added another half a cup of orange juice. I started the blender and Jet started crying. Really hard. I picked him up and cuddled him and calmed him down and since it wasn't really blended smooth, we went over to play with the blender for a while. He didn't mind the short chop cycles, he just really, really minded the extended noise of it blending stuff smooth at high speed. After a bunch of short chops, I set it on a lower speed to make it good and smooth and he didn't mind that at all anymore.

My arm was falling off by then, so I set him down on the floor so I could pour my drink and he was instantly went into crying mode again. So I finished pouring as quickly as I could and then set the drink on my table by the couch, scooped Jet up and we settled in so that we both could have a snack. He fell pretty deeply asleep this time, and I was able to lay him down for a nap at 5. John arrived home at 5:30 with corn and peaches and we gradually put together a meal of hot dogs, corn and canned baked beans. It really reminded me of when I was a kid and Mom would make us beans and franks with buttered toast.

The sky grew gradually more and more overcast as the evening went on. Jet woke up just before we ate, and putting him in his high chair entertained him enough while we ate that we could eat in peace. Then we tucked him in the stroller just as the rain started to come down, gently, and we went for our walk.

The world was transformed. The sky was all grey, and the rain was coming down slow and gentle. Small drops here and there and everywhere. I had on my bright green rain coat. John was in just his shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Jet was tucked into his stroller with a blanket and stuff. He loved the rain. He thought the world was so interesting that he kept lunging forward to get a better look and John kept stopping to see what had happened because of the abrupt center of gravity change to the stroller. He didn't want Jet to be falling out the front or anything. We just did the one lap, as the wind started picking up on our way back and Jet looked like the prow of some ship with his hair swept back and he was leaning forward into the wind.

The house was comfortingly warm when we got back, and John fed Jet solids while I'm here writing. We have some plans for tomorrow, probably try the Erie coffee place with all three of us in the morning, right after Jet gets up, so I won't have my extra twenty minute nap, but we will have the time for an out of the house breakfast. This morning I made oatmeal, five minutes and the texture is so much better than instant, and we had it with brown sugar and macadamia nuts. I added dried blueberries, cranberries and strawberries from a bag of Trader Joe's Three Berry dried fruit mix. I also like milk on my oatmeal, though I've given up the butter. It was really yummy and satisfied me for the morning's worth of meetings and email.

The meeting yielded a two week extension on the things I was supposed to have had done by now, but all my stuff depended on the things that had been pushed out two weeks for the deadline last Friday, so the whole product responsibility team said I could have another two weeks. That was very useful indeed.

I'll get time to work on things tomorrow.

I also managed, early this week, to get another appointment with the doctor over what's now happened with my wrist. It's not the original problem any more. I think that while I was wearing the splint I hyper-extended my thumb because nearly everything that hurts, now, has to do with any pressure outwards against my right thumb. It's kind of painful for a being that depends on her opposable thumb for a lot of grasping motions, but we'll see what can be done. The appointment is for 11 tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

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