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September 29, 2001
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Simple Party

Today was pretty simple. John and George worked on the garage, we went to Safeway to stock up and get stuff for a party for tonight and that was pretty much that. It turned into a little party, with Bob as our main guest because Ray was out of town and Mai was at a conference, and even Andrew had a birthday party to go to. I had a lot of fun making dinner, though.

I got to experiment a little with butternut squash, and found that I really enjoy working with it. It's easy to peel, easy to prep and easy to cook with and the butternut and sweet corn soup turned out really good. It tasted pretty much as I hoped it would, given Jet's love for his butternut squash and corn baby food. He enjoyed that so much I thought it would be fun to make the grown up version of it and everyone really liked it as the first course.

I then had John grilling chicken breasts while I cooked spaghetti and broke out the pesto that I'd bought. Isabel made a lovely salad and we had plenty for everyone. That was really yummy. And we finished with the cheesecake that Bob brought.

It was just a lot of fun to be able to be with Bob again and talk and have stories told and it's just cool to have fun with him again.

Jet surprised the heck out of me by falling asleep while I was holding him at the dinner table, and he slept through a really loud, boisterous and fun conversation. He'd startle a bit at really loud laughter, but then he'd go back to sleep again. He'd had a pretty full day with a couple of walks, the trip to the market and everything else, so I wasn't too surprised that he was tired, but being that sound asleep in the midst of a 'party' did surprise me considerably.

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