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September 10, 2002
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Jet and Hot Food

If there was any doubt that Jet is John's, we had proof, today, in two funny incidents.

The first was a long time in the making. Sudipto had been giving me information about where to find frozen smelt at Safeway. I'd also asked him about the curries that his wife makes from the tiny fish. He'd given me the recipes, and then, today, he'd told me that his wife had made me a sample of the dishes! He left me a sample in the refrigerator. I took it home and had it on the organic, short grain brown rice we had leftover from another night. I tasted it while I was heating it with the rice and it was so hot that I poured myself a glass of milk to go with it.

Jet had been playing while I was making my lunch. When he saw me sitting down, he climbed into my lap and started eating the plain rice around the edges. Gradually, he started working towards the rice that had more and more of the spices. He got a mouthful that surprised him a little and he looked at my milk and said, "Aaahhh!!" I gave him a sip of the milk, and he sighed, happily, "Ahhhhh..." and went back to eating the sauced rice! He spooned up a big spoonful of the stuff, ate it all and then just opened his mouth in the direction of the milk.

He went through several round of milk and spicy rice until all the rice was gone. Wow.

The second came in the evening. Both John and I had a pretty busy day, ad by the time evening came around neither of us really wanted to cook, so John suggested DeliCioso's, and we went there. John got the chips and salsa for an appetizer. Jet got a chip, dipped it in the salsa, tasted the salsa and then licked it all off and scooped more of it up on his chip and ate just the salsa off it. After a few of these, Jet grinned at John and said, "Ah ah ah!" and then drank a bunch of his pop. Hee. He's learned about drinking to cool off the heat. He then went back to eating more salsa.

Jet had a big eating day; he had a hot dog after the curry. He also had half a quesadilla after the salsa. He had plenty to drink and lots of running and playing time with all the foods. I had to clean up after the hot dog.

I did okay today. I'm still sick, tired, and having my period. I'm a little worried about swimming tomorrow. I'll probably do okay, but it's all a little bleary after the last week of bad nights. Last night was okay, though, so I can hope

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