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September 23, 2002
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Short Nap and a Good Lunch

9:37 pm: I had a very distinct and welcome lack of meetings today, but Jet blew all my expectations out of the water when he only slept for 40 minutes for his nap. It was better than yesterday, where he only napped for ten minutes at a time, but it wasn't quite what I'd been hoping for so far as uninterrupted time went.

Lunch was fun. I pan fried some turnip cake from the Asian market. It's a cake made from grated, cooked white daikon, rice flour, dried shrimp, Chinese sausage, scallions, reconstituted shitaki, and other stuff. It's savory and tender, and the sides crisp up well when it's fried. When the oil is good and hot it doesn't absorb much of it at all, so I got the oil to just start smoking before adding it. Jet watched from my far hip as I put it in as he wanted to see and I didn't want him to get any hot oil.

He watched it cook, and when we sat down to the plate of four slices, he took the fork and dove in. I got a fork for myself and Jet ate a whole slice out of the four I'd cut and heated. Wow. He completely ignored the reheated roll from last night, though. I think he just likes the new things instead of the old things, sometimes. He refused to eat any more of the apple filled Quaker bites, after chowing down a package and a half last night. He may well have picked up on John's "I can't eat anything twice in the same couple of days" gene or maybe it's just because we adults have something new all the time. I think I like this problem better than the "won't eat anything I haven't seen a few hundred times before" syndrome.

Toddlers seem to be famous for the latter. Still, given that everything is relatively new to them, I'm pretty impressed that Jet is eating as much as he does. He seems to be filling out in the barrel, too, now, and seems more solid and chunky again when he had lengthened out during the latter part of the summer.

Jet and I played for much of the afternoon, and I took some time to try and do some work on my Visor and I got stuff done. Jet eventually decided that he really wanted to be doing what I was doing, and came into my lap to type away on the disconnected keyboard. It was nice to get something done while I was with him.

While Jet is far more capable of entertaining himself, he's also far more capable of getting into trouble with all the things he uses to entertain himself. He also can reach into our desk drawers, now, and his favorite thing of the moment is to pull the big drawer out and look at all the things he might reach. Stuff like scissors, flashlight bulbs, pens, tape, and all kinds of small metal things. It's fascinating to him, and I have to be there to be sure he doesn't get into it.

It's pretty tiring, sometimes.

John got home at 5 and took over so that I could go up and work for a while. I did that and John made taco salad for dinner. It was yummy.

I got to read more of Yoga for Dummies and hit the relaxation exercises. I am tired enough that I'm sure they'll just put me to sleep just fine. So I will probably try that tonight, just to see how well they might work for that. Sometimes I have problems getting back to sleep after getting up to take care of Jet, so it is nice to have something I might be able to do about it.

For some reason my gut just hates me. I wonder if it was the really rich cake yesterday for breakfast, or something from last night. I can hope it wasn't either and it was just stress or something else getting to my gut. the it'll just go away if I relax and figure out how to sleep or something.

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