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September 24, 2002
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Unhappy Night and PF Chang's

9:36 am: I had no problems sleeping last night. Jet, however, had a terrible time for a while. He was up for an hour and a half, doing a lot of screaming when he wasn't nursing. When we were lying on his futon, he kept climbing onto my head. After an hour of this, John came up and got him and a bottle of milk and they went into the basement. John said that Jet calmed down simply by being downstairs. Half an hour later both of them fell asleep on the futon in the basement. Three hours later, John came to bed as that was when he woke up enough to get Jet into his bed.

Jet then woke up at 6:30 with a huge poopy diaper, and as soon as he was cleaned up he nursed and went back to sleep until 8. Whew. I felt rather trashed, but not too bad, with the extra hour of sleep. I need to just get to sleep earlier.

John and I got up and I showered and John ran off with Jet as soon as Jet evened me out, as he'd only nursed one side before falling so deeply asleep. I got the diapers out for the diaper service, and emptied the trash bin for the changing table. And then headed into work and here I am, during a rather boring meeting. Hee.

The rest of the day went pretty well, though there was one disappointment. We headed to Flat Irons Crossing to sign some refinancing papers, but the woman there hadn't been able to get the papers, so we couldn't sign anything as there wasn't anything to sign.

Jet loved the elevator in the building, and he got to push the buttons, see them light up and feel the room move beneath his feet. Hee. He loved walking around there, and protested being bundled into the car to head over to the mall.

Once there we ate at P.F. Changs as we'd never done that before. It's okay. We enjoyed ourselves and did very well at not worrying about authenticity, and just seeing if we enjoyed what it was we got. The lemon pepper shrimp was spicy and tasty, and the beef chow fun had very distinct noodles that were well cooked but not mushy and the marinated beef was very tasty. Jet liked the beef and the noodles as well as handfuls of rice. So he ate well. John tried the Chinese mustard and the hot chile sauce o Jet, and Jet liked them both.


Afterwards, we walked across the mall, just window shopping. Jet had fun looking at things, and while he did mid not being able to do everything he wanted to do, he moved along on the most part. There was one point when he and I just had to stop because there was a guy flinging zip helicopters up into the air, and they would fly up and then return to the guy. Jet and I went, "OOP!" watching them. Jet also liked watching the small waterfalls by the transition area between the inside and outside malls. It took a while to finally pursued him to go away from there.

It was cool. We caught the tram on the far side of the mall and headed back. We hopped out the other side, started loading Jet and stuff into the car when I noticed that my purse was missing. John ran after the tram. I saw him almost within reach of the tram when it was headed up a bridge, and he was waving and shouting, but the driver never noticed him and when it got over the hump it accelerated away.

Jet and I found a drainage area with a huge grate in the midst of a grassy bowl. Jet climbed up and down the bowl and stomped all over the grate, yelling into the concrete depths. I tested the grate to be sure it was safe before he ever got on it and then I just watched. It took John a while to come back, as he'd had to chase the tram all the way to the garage. He then got the purse, and one of the drivers gave him a ride back to the car. Yay!

I'm glad I realized my purse was missing in time. John got quite the workout, and realized just how long it has been since we played soccer and could just sprint long distances. The bike helps, but it's still very different than ninety minutes of running flat out.

We hit Safeway on the way home, stocked up, and then Jet fell asleep on the way home. He woke up enough while getting changed to nurse and get to sleep. Whew.

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