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September 26, 2003
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Pink Eye, Shopping, Talking with Jet on the Phone

12:17 pm: This morning, after getting up, having a shower and everything. I went out to the livingroom and we had some breakfast and stuff before I had to get Jet ready to go to Joan's. That's when I saw his right eye completely encrusted with all kinds of goo and stuff. His eyelashes were just caked. John said that he'd cleaned out Jet's eye this morning once already. This stuff was all just dried and caked on. No wonder Jet said his eye hurt.

John gave me a wet washcloth and I held it onto Jet's eye long enough to loosen the worst of the gunk, and then gently got it all off. Jet didn't flinch and he didn't get made at me for touching it. He was also not squinting or blinking a lot or anything, so I'm pretty sure he didn't damage it at all. John said that Jet might have rubbed snot into his eye, last night, by accident and this was just all clean up after it. I'll just have to look at it again later today.

I get the day to myself today. Whether I spend it at work or in Boulder or doing something else is my choice entirely. John had all of yesterday. I get all of today. I'm glad. I needed some time to actually concentrate on something, get started and do something all the way through and be able to have enough brain and no interruptions. It's been very nice.

I also wore my kilt to work, and it's been something of a hit, especially with the Gromit t-shirt as the shirt with it. It's very much boy-wear, and with it being big enough, now, to ride on my hips instead of trying to hug my waist, it's very, very comfortable and looks far more boy-ish than girl-ish. It doesn't hurt to have it be night camo as well. Bob said that it was a military kilt. Hee.

9:42 pm: I got time to myself today. John made great on his promise and took care of Jet all day and I got to go into work and then go out and do some shopping, thinking, and wish fulfilling on my own.

I actually stayed my full five hours at work, though I didn't need to. I'm not sure I can use my comp time on a regular basis. I have to take days off or I just won't use it. So I told my boss that I was taking the afternoon of next Thursday and probably all of Friday off. A birthday holiday, maybe. Time to rest and be and maybe not be at home or something. She was fine with it. I had so many hours this week, she knew what was up.

I had a very useful day at work, too. Finally got my focus and worked through it. Talked with the people I had to talk to, and worked through particular problems in good order, and got a particularly knotty modeling problem finished. I liked doing that.

Then I went to Boulder. Hit the Asian Market, the clean one behind the Circuit City. I ordered green Thai curry and one of their sweet chicken lumpurs. I could feel the curry bite the back of my throat. I think I'm coming down with a sore throat, but I've been planning and needing this afternoon for so long I couldn't just go home and sleep for once. While my lunch was being prepared, I wandered about the store and struck gold.

Tamaki Gold, to be precise. I found a 50 lb. bag of the stuff. There are supposed to be no commercial outlets of the stuff in Colorado. So I cast about some more and sure enough, in the parceled out rice portions, they had a brown sack of Tamaki Haiga!! I'd been looking for this since I had seen it at Uwajamai in Seattle.

It's the same short-grained rice without the bran, but with the rice germ still attached! So it has all the extra flavor and nutrition of brown rice, but without the bran to get in the way of how it cooks up and sticks for sushi and related dishes. Yow. I'd been using short grained brown rice, lately, but the texture difference is noticeable and the chew is entirely different.

Jet'll still eat it, but it was fun to find something I'd been mildly lusting after, but thought I couldn't get. I was going to shop at CostPlus after lunch, so I only bought one frozen package of fresh ramen, as I knew it was going to thaw, and one package I can eat in the next week. I might be able to drop by here after my dentist appointment next week as well, and actually stock up for the fall and winter months.

It was fun to pick out two bottles of furikake, though Jet's started eating rainbow sprinkles with his rice instead of the fish and nori. I still really like them, and it was fun to pick two more with the knowledge that we'd gotten through the other three.

While I was eating lunch, my celphone started ringing. I got it and it was John saying, "Jet wants to talk to you."

That made me blink. Normally Jet won't talk to a phone for any reason. He'll yell, "No! no!" and push it away or punch the person trying to shove the phone onto his ear. This time he really wanted to talk to someone on the phone, and he told me about his eye, putting the candy, his owies, his coloring, going to the park (though he hadn't), and his 'aids'. It was something else listening to his soft, high voice over the line and his eagerness to talk to me. Wow. It was fun to encourage him and have him respond to the encouragement. It would be nice, someday, to have him want to talk on the phone to others, too.

So we talked while I ate. Eventually Jet handed me back to John, and he encouraged me in my venture. Told me there was no hurry. John had called the pediatricians. Joan thought it might be pinkeye, and when Jet came home from Joan's his eye was, indeed, very red, and still seeping stuff. The pediatrician still hadn't called him back, yet, so he was waiting to hear what to do.

So I went to CostPlus and wandered the food aisles. They have stuff from all over the world, and it's just fun to see what catches my fancy. Amusingly enough the first thing I spotted was something I hoped they'd have, stroopwaffles, which are thin, buttery cookie 'waffles' with a thin sheet of caramel in the middle of them. The organic ones I'd gotten at Vitamin Cottage had given me a mild addiction to the things, and I wanted more. They were even on sale! I picked up all kinds of random, eclectic stuff, from unbleached filters for my coffee maker to a box of Cote d'Or Noir de Noir noisettes. Tiny bars of perfect bittersweet chocolate, that's what the Cote d'Or boxes were. Wonderful stuff, for really inexpensive prices. I loaded up and headed home.

I found both John and Jet to be pretty tired. Jet still had his pink eye, and was exhausted even immediately after his nap. Normally, he's up and bouncing pretty quickly after he gets something to up his blood sugar. Today, he nursed when I came home and just lay like a lump on my lap. He didn't want to move, and when Ben and Sam came over to play John told them that Jet wasn't feeling well. John also gently reinforced the 'please knock first' and don't just barge in routine, so that was really good.

Jet and I eventually ended up in the basement, playing some video games, while he lay there and watched and cheered. The pediatricians called while I was down there, and said that they'd left a prescription with the Erie Safeway.

I had a tough time deciding what to have for dinner, more from lack of motivation than anything. We had some leftovers. And when we were done, I headed off to Safeway to get Jet's prescription. Just a quick errand, and I was very proud of myself by not buying a darned other thing.

Jet was fantastic about putting the eyedrops in after we explained to him that the drops were to help fix his owie eye. He'd been bothered by it all day, rubbing it now and again and trying to clear out the mucus and other stuff from it. He lay down in my lap, and closed his eyes obediently when I had talked about him having to keep his eyes shut. Which made it kind of hard to get the drops in... but we managed. And Jet grinned when John counted the minute down. He liked the counting a lot, and tapped his fingers and toes to the rhythm of the count. Wow. That's really good compared to the stories I've heard about some other kids and eyedrops.

So that was really good.

The bad thing is that I think my sore throat is getting worse. We'll see how I do for the weekend. I stayed up with Jet while John went to bed early, so he doesn't get sick too. I'm already a lost cause, I figure, so I might as well make it so that I have some support while I'm sick

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