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September 27, 2003
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Sick Us, Happy Jet

9:19 pm: We spent today being sick and sleeping. Jet's actually okay by now. The eye-drops have really helped his eye out a lot. His eye is clearer than it was, yesterday, by far, and there isn't nearly the discharge he had yesterday. I was very impressed.

John got to sleep in first, he normally has problems with napping, so it's better for him to get a full sleep period when possible. Problem was that he had problems sleeping last night, especially after getting Jet back to sleep in the middle of the night. So that was unfortunate. He did, however, get to sleep in until 9. Problem is that he woke up with a cold, too. So my plan for keeping him well didn't work at all.

Jet and I played, watched cartoons, and made waffles. He not only ate a whole square of waffle, he also ate half a Quaker toastable pastry with strawberries. t has oatmeal in the crust and real fruit in the filling, so while Jet calls 'em Pop-Tarts, they're likely a little better for him. When I had eaten and John had eaten, I went to sleep for four hours. Yeah. Four Hours. I guess I needed it.

Jet was still up when I got up. He refused to nurse and he was starting to get ornery, the way he does when he's very tired. He fought nursing, and threw his warm milk, but after doing a few things that he yelled that he wanted to do he finally settled down a little. John went to sleep and Jet finally decided to nurse.

He went almost immediately to sleep. I put him into his own bed to sleep as John was already in our bed. I then went and lay down on the couch. Even with the four-hour nap I was exhausted with the cold. Ugh. I guess this is what I get for pushing myself too hard for the first part of this week. I really needed to take the naps that I'd put off for 'other things'. Ah well.

10:38 pm: When Jet woke up, I got him, and we nursed a little. He watched some cartoons with me and I gave him half a cup of warm milk. John got up a bit before six, and we went south to the Pho 79 for dinner.

Jet had the best dinner he's had in quite some time. He ate a huge amount of noodles, drank a little soup, and basically had a really great time. He stayed at the table, he ate food, and he ate a lollypop while John and I finished our dinners as well. This was very, very welcome as John woke up sick as well. Probably with the same cold that I have and the same cold Jet had last week. Bleh.

We got home. Played around a bit. Jet had pop-tarts for dessert, and I changed him and John got Jet's teeth brushed, and when it was time to go to sleep Jet had no intention of doing so. Nursing didn't put him to sleep. So I told John to just go to bed, and I watched TV while Jet played all around me. He ended up laying all kinds of things around me, and finally went back into nursing position and, this time, actually went to sleep.


I'm beat. I will now go to sleep

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