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September 25, 2003
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Nick and Willy's, DQ, and Safeway

I had Jet to myself all day. It was actually pretty fun, though very scattered. While I could do some things, most of them were for only half an hour at a time, as Jet did like some cartoons enough to just stop doing anything else. John had taken him for the early morning stuff.

Jet did only sleep an hour for his nap, though, which was unfortunate, and he wanted me to hold him and nurse him for a good half an hour afterwards. I couldn't move him to the couch as he kept waking up and getting mad at me. So I finally just laid down next to him and we slept for a while. I needed it.

John got home a little early. He and Jet went out to play in the sandbox while I tried to do a little concentrated thinking. It didn't really work out all that well, as I was pretty tired. I heard footsteps up the front porch and that turned out to be a Cub Scout selling popcorn, so I got John and we bought some. Then more footsteps and it was the FedEx guy with a box from White Wolf! How very cool! It was Geoff's ventures of the last year, and it was fun to see them. Then it was another FedEx guy with my belt from Utilikilts! Hoorah! I can now keep my kilt up! Then more footsteps, but up the back steps, and it was Jet coming in to get his bucket and shovel by himself. John was still seated out by the sandbox.

Jet played until nearly 5. So by the time we got him ready to go, it was already 5:30. So instead of going shopping first, we went to Nick N Willy's first. Jet had eaten huge amounts all day. He'd had one and a half poptarts for breakfast with chunks of melon. He'd had crackers and pepperoni and chocolate milk for his before-nap snack. He had six chicken nuggets for 'lunch' at 4 pm. So he wasn't that hungry when we went to dinner. He was very happy, though, to sit in John's lap and watch the pizza guys go nuts with the evening rush. He drank pop. He boogied to the music on their sound system. It was really, really fun to watch him just get down and dance all over the floor around our seats to some good dance rock 'n roll. He was so happy.

Then, instead of going to CostPlus, when we were done, it was already 7:30, so we went to Dairy Queen in Erie. Jet got his own kid's cup of ice cream with a thick layer of sprinkles. They even gave him MORE sprinkles after the first layer was eaten, so he dug through pretty much the whole cup of ice cream. He used his own spoon and was totally neat with it.

Then he had probably the best grocery store experience he's had in a very, very long time. He was willing to run after John or I or the cart. He didn't grab random stuff when we asked him not to. He cheerfully carried stuff around the store. He even tackled a twelve pack of seltzer at one point, manfully wrestling it a few yards before telling me that I should take it. He helped John pick out ice cream. He ate his cookie from the bakery counter without losing any of it in inconvenient places. He rode the rocket ride while I handled the checkout, and he climbed all over the truck carts while they waited for me to get finished.

The checker did not impress me. She marked my super cheap yellow onions as Walla Walla sweets, which cost three times as much, but she was good when I pointed it out and not only corrected it but apologized. Later on I peered at the slip and I think she keyed in the green onions as green beans... my. But we got a lot of good stuff for the next week, including more makings for beef stew. I don't know when I'll get around to it, but it's nice to know that it's in the offing, especially with some nice red wine instead of the marsala and maybe mushrooms. And since I got a big roast instead of the 'steaks', I can cut it much larger this time around. It'll be fun to have big chunks of meat tender enough to cut with a spoon, with surrounding vegetables on the side.

Jet was very happy all the way home. He talked with us. When he saw the drilling rig, all lit up like a Christmas tree in the field behind the house, he called it "Fountain." Then he added, "A flashlight fountain. Flashlight fountain." How cool. It does look a lot like a fountain with flashing red and white lights all over it.

That was very cool. Got us to see it differently as well. I liked that.

John went to sleep at 9:30 again. Jet didn't actually get to sleep until 10:30. I was awake and had some herbal tea and packed the car with all my stuff, and did a bunch of small cleanup and tidy up things that I hadn't been able to do during the day. By the time I actually went to bed it was nearly midnight. Of course, Jet woke up right then.

I went up to him and he was crying about something hurting!! It hurt! It hurt! His eye, I *think* he said, but I couldn't see anything. I picked him up and he was just crying and kicking. When I finally moved him to the rocking chair, he quieted and with some rocking and holding, he went back to sleep. Whew. So I was finally able to go to sleep and stay that way. John cheerfully took the rest of the night and morning duty

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