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September 28, 2003
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6:23 pm: I'm not sure if Jet learned this due to my concerns about him eating down the side of the other cones, but Jet's now got a constant turn method going, now. He turns the cone before every, fierce bite, on a constant basis. It's very interesting compared to his previous technique.

Jet's had a good day. He's been pretty cheerful all day, and done thing around the house. He went outside for a bit with John. He went out with us when we went to the doctor's to get my prescription and never got upset about anything. I carried him into Safeway when he demanded to get out of the car, but he never left my shoulder as John did the shopping and filled the prescription for me.

Yeah. I'm really sick this time. A full-out bacterial infection of the sinuses. Possibly the same bacteria in Jet's pinkeye, though maybe not. However it worked out, it's gotten deep into my sinuses and the pressure was killing me. My throat hurt worse than it did yesterday, my ears ached, and the whole front of my face felt like it was just pushing at me. Constantly. What was worse was that when I did get to nap after John got up, I couldn't. I tried for two hours, and finally gave up.

Now Jet's eating sunflower seeds. Wow. By the handful. He just shoves them all in and eats. He had crackers. He had two bowls of cereal in the morning. He had my fresh ramen for lunch, half a package of the stuff, soup and noodles and all. He had no desire for chips when we offered them to him. He wanted goldfish instead. Now I see why Joan said that Jet was such a health nut, as he often chooses the healthier alternative. Things like yogurt and sunflower seeds instead of chips and pop or candy. It's nice to have him back to being his old self.

After I got my antibiotics down, and John got his nap in as he's not entirely over his cold, I got to nap again for an hour and a half and between the antibiotic, the sudafedadrine, and two cups of herbal tea while Jet and I played, I felt immensely better. I am now far more coherent and less depressed than I was this morning. There is some sign that this will finally be over.

Jet's eye is clear now, though a little droopy, still, and I want to follow through with the series of antibiotic drops. Yay for the wonders of antibiotics! It should help him out in the long term.

So, today was sacrificed to health as well, and kind of made me appreciate the possibilities for naps in the middle of the week more. I will probably take advantage of napping time on Wednesdays more often, now, just to compensate for the rest of the week. Between John's business trip, having his parents here, and having a work deadline that 'm not sure I can meet, having no Rec. Center for physical outlet of stress, Jet's new preschool, Jet's colds and bad nights, it got a bit too stressful too quickly.

Thinking all that through means that I should make sure I have the time to unwind, no matter the other circumstances. The funny thing, though, is that I don't regret taking Friday at all. I needed that mentally. I needed the time to myself to do the things that I really wanted to do, I might regret, mildly, staying at work for so long, but other than that, I needed Friday to be as it was.

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