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September 29, 2003
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Working at Home

9:09 pm: A weird kind of half-work and half-recovery day. John stayed home, as he wasn't up to going in. I wasn't up to going in, but Joan was up to keeping Jet from 8-1. He was up and going going going and just full of it. So it was very nice to have someone that was capable of keeping up with him actually keeping up with him.

I think that my sinus infection was bacterial, as that's responding well to the antibiotics. The throat infection is not. The thing is that the throat infection is just like John's cold, and it's also like the cold that much of Joan's family has. Jet seems to be coming down with it, but it's not slowing him down at all. It just makes him cough when he's asleep, but he just goes right back to sleep again.

Both John and I slept a little in the morning. I got a good hour and a half. John found that, as usual for this cold, he just couldn't sleep. When we went to get Jet, we drove around a little after getting him and after a few minutes of demanding "I want donuts, too!! With sprinkles!" he calmed down and fell asleep.

We did get him donuts, which we added sprinkles to, so when he woke up he got to eat those. Other than that, he ate nearly nothing all day. I suspect that it's the cold, as I haven't been hungry at all the whole time. Even when my body's shivering with hunger, I don't have any appetite at all. I just have to force myself to eat something. And I can't force Jet to eat anything. I wonder, though if I should make him some Jell-O or something to get him to eat something more. He did, however, drink massive amounts of juice, ate his vitamin with gusto, and slept pretty well for his nap.

The funny thing was that when he was done with his nap, he upturned his car seat onto his futon mattress before turning off the humidifier, leaving his bedroom, and carefully closing the door behind him.

I took care of him for most of the afternoon as John slept for three hours. I got some work in. Jet cheerfully watched our new tape of Dora the Explorer with much glee. He asked for both of the episodes again, too. So he cheerfully watched nearly two hours of TV in a row. John was up for part of it. We had dinner at 7ish, both of us has soup and noodles, and Jet as completely uninterested in any of it. He did, for a while, take a dry block of noodles and dip it into his 'soup' powder. He ate, maybe, three mouthfuls.

He then demanded ice cream with sprinkles, and we just said that he had to eat some dinner, and offered him corn dogs, chicken nuggets, a rice ball, and his noodle block again. He refused and even flung away most of them, so we just let him be. He did have lots of orange juice and milk afterwards, which was fine by me. Vitamin C and fluids will probably help him more.

He went to sleep around 10. John's problems with sleeping had him staying up until then, rather than going to sleep early the way he had the last several nights. It was nice to have the help. A mug of herbal tea, which cleared my sinuses nicely, though the Afrin helped even more. My throat still hurts, but not as badly as yesterday, so I'm making progress

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