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April 21, 2002
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Breakfast With The Goodell's

9:57 pm: Jet was up twice last night, once around midnight, the second John got him at 2, and I got up when it was obvious Jet wasn't going to sleep as it's often more possible for me to nurse him to sleep than not. So I nursed him and he looked like he was going to go to sleep, but he woke up when I tried to put him down. I eventually ended up tucking Jet into his chair and he was laughing at me.

It was pretty funny, but he stayed in his little infant seat and giggled at me when I grinned at him and when I lay down next to him he just started babbling, quietly to me. He says whole sentences. They don't mean much to me, but that's okay as what we say probably doesn't say all that much to him, but it was kind of soothing listening to him just talk quietly to himself or maybe it was to me, I don't know. But he talked quietly for a while, and eventually he went quiet and eventually his breathing stilled and evened out and when I'd counted 100 breaths I quietly got up and slipped out the door.

He slept in. I don't think he would have gotten up at 7:30, when John went to get him, but he was cheerful enough when John did wake him up. So we all got to the Goodell's in plenty of time. They followed us to Lucille's and Alex ran up to Jet and hugged him and Haley kept going, "Jetsie? Jetsie? Jetsie?" Until she actually saw him and then she ran over and gave him a hug, too. Jet laughed and hugged them back and fell over backwards, but only giggled as he got up again.

We trooped in happily and got two tables pushed together for us. We were in early enough that we weren't trouble for the restaurant. The waitress seemed to be someone who had worked there a long time, as her explanation of why they didn't serve rice pancakes on Sunday was pretty succinct, "We have a griddle about as big as this two-person table, so if, say, you all ordered rice pancakes, we couldn't make anything else." Of course Ray had to say, "Okay, we'd all like rice pancakes."

Jet got to sit in a high chair at the head of the table, next to Alex and Isabel, and from the very start he was just full of it. He was chortling, laughing, shrieking, bouncing, patting Alex, and flirting with every waitress that laid an eye on him. George was trying to get a picture, and all the waitresses waited for him to take the picture so there was something of a waitress pile-up. I heard one of them saying, "Look at the tiny one at the end of the table, isn't that the cutest thing you ever saw?" Of course, Jet took that moment to look up from a crayon Alex had given him to beam at the pile of waitresses.

That was pretty funny.

We got beingets for everyone and I got the Carlen County, i.e. the biscuits and gravy with the intent of having leftovers tomorrow. I was surprised to find that I actually ate half the biscuit and gravy and all the grits and red beans. They were yummy. It turned out to be plenty of food for me through lunch. Everyone really enjoyed their breakfasts and the waitress was thorough, fast, and very courteous to everyone. She also grinned at Jet, sized him up and called him Good Trouble, of course, "Anything under four is good trouble." She also started calling him pipsqueak after he started shrieking in order to try and get Haley to scream. I thought it tremendously appropriate. She also called it when she asked him what he was doing other than flirting with everyone.

Jet does this low level shriek that isn't really *that* loud and it's just pure joy; but Joan said that he does it in order to get under Haley's skin and get her to scream at him. Yes, he is a little bugger, sometimes.

It was really fun to watch him with Alex and Haley. Isabel was also doing her magic and he was eating French Toast, real toast, grapes, beinet, bits of scrambled eggs, and other stuff that Isabel fed him. He was also eating bits of crayon, some of Alex's biscuit, and the toast was from Haley's breakfast. He also drank some milk through a straw, some orange juice through a straw, and the waitress was great and kept everything out of his reach.

After breakfast, the Goodell's went home to let Ray get a nap in and Jet took off after a little blond boy walking along the street that the restaurant was on. I kept telling him, "That's not Alex." But then the boy and his mom stopped to get a coat on the boy, and the mom called him Alex!! It wasn't Alex Goodell, but he was an active four-year-old boy with blond hair and the name Alex! So Jet kept going after him with great determination in his little sneakers.

I was pretty impressed at the speed Jet was making. His walk was just getting so much more practiced and smoother and easier even on some of the rough sidewalks that were out there. He just chugged along, and I realized that he's starting to bend his knees. John and I had noticed, just the other day, the characteristic swagger/stagger of Jet's walk was, in part, due to the fact that he wasn't really bending his knees all that much, he was swinging his legs from his hips. It's a really cute walk, but it's changing with all the practice he's getting, and he's starting to get faster with the knees going in the more optimal motion.

He went nearly a city block before John, Isabel and George caught up with us, and Jet yelled when John picked him up to head back to the car. He was *sure* it was Alex he was chasing and steadily falling further behind. But after enough of a walk back, Jet finally decided he'd walk the way we wanted him to, and started chugging back towards the car.

From there we went t the church and were enough early to get Jet well settled. The service was Earth Day oriented, and I was amused to find that of a whole sheet of suggestions of things to do, we probably did three-quarters of them already, though not perfectly and there's always room so long as we drive petroleum product vehicles. Still, I felt okay about the choices we've made up to this point.

The social hour had Jet going a mile a minute, and as soon as we got back into the car, he dropped off to sleep. It gave John time to take his parents on a tour of the new facility and then we headed home. Jet slept. I played on the computer, John and his dad did stuff outside and I think Isabel did everyone's' laundry yet again. It was pretty funny that after she'd done all our laundry on her last visit that we actually hadn't done any laundry since. We'd had plenty of clothing. But it did give her work that we really needed done.

I came down around 4, and saw Isabel and Jet come out of John's new garage. Jet was in his jacket and he was leaving the hood up, which is mildly unusual. The wind was blowing pretty fiercely. He rolled on out of the garage, but stopped at the very steep step and looked back at Isabel, waiting for her and for her help to get down from the step. He also took her hand when he found that the ground was really rough, and with her help, they took off across our erstwhile lawn.

When I got a jacket on and got out, they were talking with our neighbor, and she hasn't seen Jet for quite some time, but he went to her hold happily. And when Gary came out to start the BBQ, Jet went to him as well, trustingly and quietly, but without any smiles. He did study Gary very closely, and Jet was just very, very quiet the way he usually is in a completely new situation with new people. Eventually we went back in and Jet demonstrated that he'd been quiet because he was really tired.

John and Isabel had actually fed him a whole jar of food not that long ago, but Jet really wanted to nurse, and I found out why when he just fell asleep while nursing. So I let him nap in my lap while Isabel made dinner, and John and George came in from trying to fix the John Deere lawn mower/mini tractor and cleaned up for dinner.

Isabel made a wonderful asparagus, shrimp and pesto spaghetti with salad and bread that George had baked the other night. It was fresh and light and good. Jet ate spaghetti, bread, and a bit of the shrimp and asparagus, but still really wanted a bottle when we were done.

Then George and Isabel had a good time playing with Jet as their last night with him before they head on out to Oregon. He'll be a different kid when they come back in six weeks, again, so they're having as much time as they can with him as he is now. They'll have to reintroduce him next time, also, and it'll be fun to see what habits he likes then.

Jet got changed for his last nursing, and they said good-bye to him. When he saw Isabel going downstairs, though, he cried out and twisted to get down. So I let him down and he ran over to Isabel, got down on his belly and even though she hugged him right then and there, he slid himself carefully towards the stairs and started down the stairs! He wanted to follow her down! So Isabel supported him on his way down, and I followed.

Jet had to explore his old bassinet, but then ran into Isabel and George's room and he ran around their bed and looked at all the things that were spread out on it and laughed! He laughed and laughed and peered at all the things. He ran back around and reached up to give Isabel a big hug, and then leaned towards me. So I took him and then we gave George a big hug as well. After having seen where they were 'going', I guess? I don't know, but after having seen their room, he was content to go back up with me and nurse himself to sleep.

John then told me that when I was upstairs after dinner for a while, they'd made some kettle corn and when Jet saw the whole bowl his eyes got wide and Jet said a long, drawn out, "Wow!" So he knows that word, too, now, and the words seem to be coming fast and furious. But he had the perfect expression and context for the word, and we *think* he was trying, very hard, to say "Grandpa" and "Granny", though they came out more like "naba" and "an-ee".

I think I have to see Monster's Inc. again and see if I can pretend that I understand Boo this time. Hee.

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