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April 22, 2002
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Shoes For Outside

I worked pretty hard today, there's supposed to be a deadline tomorrow having to do with some stuff that I'm working on.

Jet was great, he slept until 6am, nursed, went back to sleep until 7 and then got up and was really happy with John. He went to Joan's, no problem, and then the moment he got home, he nursed and went to sleep, so I was able to just work for another two hours. When he got up I fed him solids and he ate really happily and then we played. He was running around the house, giggling and then went to the back door and started pounding on the glass.

I said, "You have to put your shoes on if you want to go outside." and got him to sit down and we put his sneakers on and the moment they were on, he started to pull the velcro open. Then I opened the door. He immediately got up and started trying to get outside. It took him a while to maneuver around the door, and then he got down to go over the threshold feet first instead of hands first, but we were soon out on the back porch. Jet then walked straight across the porch and tried to squeeze through the bars of the porch.

He yelled when I picked him up, but when I took him down the stairs and set him on the sidewalk to the driveway he grinned and started walking as fast as he could across the concrete surface. I just followed him.

He headed onto the gravel driveway, and had a lot of problems with the big rocks and uneven surfaces. He wouldn't take my hand, and he just kept falling, repeatedly. He also started going towards the erstwhile grass, which was all tufted and provided an even more treacherous surface. I finally picked him up and headed for our neighbor's grass, since they'd invited him over to play there any time he wanted.

It's quite a walk when everyone in the neighborhood has two acre lots. Jet struggled the whole way as he wanted to be down and walking instead of being carried. He yelled and struggled, but there wasn't any way I was going to let him down on the busy street in front of our house. When I put him down on the neighbor's grass, though, he was instantly happy. It took him a while to get used to walking on the springy, sprongy stuff, but falling was fun since the surface was so soft. He bounced across it for several yards. Eventually, he turned around and went feet first across the gravel border, tested it thoroughly and then tried walking on it. He wobbled a bit to start but then grinned big when he found that he could.

He then got to the blacktop and started to take off. When he got to the street, again, I picked him up and headed for a cul de sac. He struggled again, but was happy to just run when I set him down on the far less busy street. He started to chase his own shadow, angling off towards it until he got to the weed border and then he started going crabwise along the edge of that. It was fun to see him watch his shadow while still trying to walk. He is getting much better at walking, to the point where it's possible for him to do both at once.

The dandelions caught his eye, and they were what finally prompted him to step into the rough. He was great about testing his footing and trying to get his balance each time he took another step. He did lose it once or twice, but was remarkably good at learning from those spills. Jet didn't cry at all with any of the spills, just got right back up and went back towards the flowers. He started poking gently at them, and eventually started pulling up parts of the plants. Dandelions are entirely safe to eat, so I had no reason to stop him. It was obvious that the area had never been sprayed with weed killer. So I just let him explore and satisfy his curiosity. Eventually, I got tired of standing out in the sunshine and I picked him up and brought him home.

Jet didn't protest, but he did wiggle a little when I got to the driveway, so I put him down on the relatively smooth concrete and he walked all the way back to the house with only a little wandering.

John got home around 4:50, and took care of Jet while I blasted away at work. He even made a fish dinner. I'd completely forgotten about the short ribs, they would have been good for John to grill, but that's okay. We had fish and it was good. Jet ate French fries and bits of fish, but smashed a lot more fish than he ate.

He was pretty cranky for most of the evening, and fell asleep solidly when it was time. I even managed to eat some Ben and Jerry's ice cream while nursing him, the last time I had ice cream while he was nursing he stopped and begged for some. While we were eating the ice cream I remembered that today was Free Cone day at Ben and Jerry's. Thing is that John was working in Longmont and it wasn't like we could meet him in Boulder for ice cream, so I wasn't too sad about it.

I did manage to get the short ribs in a teriyaki marinade in a bag in the fridge after Jet was asleep, and then I spent a few hours getting a picture of my suit up here on Flick, reading LiveJournal, and generally doing computer stuff I didn't get a chance to do while trying to do everything for my deadline. So that was pretty cool. But it was pretty late before I went to sleep. I kind of regret not getting to bed soon after Jet went to sleep, but sometimes I really need the time alone. After a week of having John's parents here it was just nice to be alone for a while.

I guess I'll get a lot more of that in the next few weeks

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