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April 28, 2003
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8:41 pm: This morning was a sleep-in morning, though Jet didn't think so , at first. He only really got up once, but I found out how much he actually moves around at night. He got up once around 1:20 and was crying pretty hard, until I nursed him, and then he went right back to sleep. A little after that, I pushed off a couple of extra blankets that were making me too hot. The next thing I knew, Jet had rolled around to be on top of the piled up blankets, and he just slept there until morning. I put a blanket on top of him, but that was all. He had his full-body sleeper, so I wasn't too afraid of him getting too cold.

He and John got up at 6, along with most of the household. So they got to share some breakfast with everyone and say their good-byes. I stayed asleep until about 7:30 am, said good-bye to Mary and Yuri, and then took over for John as Jet proceeded to play with the cars again. When John had gone, and the house was still, Jet asked to nurse. So I nursed him and he fell back to sleep. Whew.

I tucked him into his car seat, this time, as he was having a running nose. I wanted to make sure that he could breath. So he got to sit up and sleep that way. I cleaned up some stuff, tried to go back to sleep, but heard Dewey go upstairs. Yuri had asked me if I wanted to keep him in the house or if Yuri should put him out on the run. I had said that he could stay in if he liked, as I know that dogs like being around people. But realizing that Dewey was a puppy and that I had no idea what Dewey might do, made it impossible for me to go to sleep. I got back up again, put Dewey out on his run, which he took very cheerfully and quietly, made sure he had plenty of fresh water, and then went back to bed. I slept until Jet woke up around 10. Then I took him out, and let John sleep a while longer.

We all then had some more breakfast of Bengal Spice tea, toast, and a bit of cereal. It was yummy and good and light. Then we packed up and left for Seattle.

I slept part of the way there, only waking when Jet would yell, "Mom!!" or "Momma!" when he lost stuff in his seat or threw away something he wanted back. He had his two, new Hot Wheels cars and he had his Bob the Builder book, and he played with them all, ate Goldfish crackers, and drank water the whole trip down. Since he'd just woken up, he wasn't falling asleep at all, and the long ride made him mildly cranky.

He stayed that way when we went to the House of Hong for dim sum. John and I had to kind of hurry through a dim sum lunch. It was good, but Jet ate some of the sticky rice, but wouldn't really deal with any more than that. So we rushed through the rest of our food, and after John washed his hands he told Jet that we were going to ride a bus and Jet's eyes got all huge and he wanted to run right off.

We managed to get him to stay on the sidewalk and take our hands as we went down the hill to the International District's tunnel station on the big tunnel route through town. We went downstairs into the tunnels and Jet thought that was wonderful, too. When the bus came, he trooped right on up, kneeled on a seat to see outside and talked and talked about the "Big tunnel! Big tunnel! Big tunnel!!" to us. That was cool.

We rode several stops to the Westlake stop, and after we'd gone up the escalator, which Jet handled with aplomb, Jet had to go right up to the railing and look down into the tunnel to see the people, busses, and lights. "Downstairs." he said, frowning a bit. He looked up, then down again and then walked with us through the Westlake center, out into the streets of the city.

It was like he didn't know which way to look. Luckily, he kept hold of our hands, and would walk where we walked, and would stop when we stopped. He did, almost, march right out onto a street paved with the same mosaic as the sidewalk. I wouldn't have blamed him, but we did keep tight hold of him. We crossed the street to a huge open area and he walked along it, smiling at the pigeons that were so very close, and eyeing all the people eating their lunches.

When John made for the walk-through fountain, Jet was very dubious. When John saw that the spray was being directed right on top of the handrails, shooting water straight across the supposed passage, even he backed off. Every time we passed it, though, Jet looked at it and the railings.

We finally decided to go to the Pike Place Market, and took the six block walk carefully, as Jet wanted to walk a good deal of it. He also got to ride shoulders for part of it, get carried for part of it, and got down to peer at things closely. Most of the walk, itself, was uneventful.

When we arrived at the market, Jet was mostly content to be up where he could see things. At a fish market, though, there was a tank of live crabs, and I put him down so that he could look at them. He peered at them from a safe distance and every time we talked about moving on, he said, quite firmly, "No." I think five fishmongers said to tell them if we needed anything before we could finally get Jet to move on, and then he talked about "Crabs? Crabs?" for most of the rest of the circuit around the market.

I was mildly sad that we weren't really staying long enough to cook anything. We did stop and get a couple pounds of great smoked salmon. There were fresh halibut cheeks, colossal scallops as big as a hockey puck for grilling, and line caught salmon with this-morning clear eyes for only $4 a pound! The crabs were only $4 a pound, too, which is pretty good. Man, I wanted that. By July the shellfish won't be nearly as good as it is now, with the colder water.

The produce, however, will be even more spectacular. It was pretty impressive, even now, with honey mangos and lots of greens, peppers, and fruit all available in beautiful shape and in abundance. There were the winter grapes, the Chilean stuff, and green house stuff. I bought Jet a cherry fruit log, just in case he might like it. He took one good bite, and then started fiddling with it like he was thinking about just dropping it, so I asked him if I could hold it for him. "Yeah!" he said and handed it to me.

Happy boy. He walked up most of the hill back from the Market up to Second. When I asked him if he wanted a ride, he said, "Yeah!" and came to me, so I put him on my shoulders and we walked back up to the bus station. He smiled as we got back up onto the bus back to the International District, and manfully negotiated the escalators and other moving things. He got back up on my shoulders for the hike up the International District hill.

Halfway up I saw a Bubble Tea shop and had John buy me a bubble tea with red beans. Mmmm... milky, strong tea, lots of chewy bits between the giant, tea-dark tapioca and the myriad bits of sweet red beans. When Jet asked for some I made sure that John had the straw halfway up the glass, as I didn't really want Jet swallowing or breathing a tapioca pearl the wrong way. John said that Jet made a very funny face on tasting the drink, but he wanted more, later.

Jet fell fast asleep when we got back into the car and started heading back to the Eastside.

Instead of just going back to the house, we explored some. The mountain that is John's home town, has a bunch of new development, which we hadn't seen until this time around. We wandered through all the new developments up at the top of Cougar mountain, along a new major thoroughfare called Lakemont. There was a whole lot of stuff up there.

Jet woke up after an hour of this, and we went to a little playground we'd found along the way. He climbed and played for a good hour, and when we headed home. I stayed with him, changed him, nursed him, and played with him and his toys while John got dinner at the local Cucina! Cucina! Presto! We love that place, and it was good to get a chopped salad from them. John also got a very cute little individual pizza and chicken nuggets for Jet.

Jet ate four chicken nuggets! This is a first for him. He had a little pepper with them, and that was all. He just plowed right through them. He hadn't eaten all that much all day, so it was really good to see him eat well. Happy boy.

We got to see the Goofy movie after dinner for a while and then John went for a walk with Jet before we fed him some ice cream as we got to watch a little of our own TV. That was pretty fun. Jet did talk about getting a bath tonight. We'll have to see how it goes.

I'm pretty tired, after last night. I'll probably be doing Jet duty tonight, too, as it's that much easier for me to wake up and get to him. John's extra sleep this morning helped him out loads, and he feels better than he has for quite some time. I'm glad that he got the time. I'm still hurting, a little, but I may be able to make some of that up tomorrow

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