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August 2, 2003
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Cooking and Errands

I cooked a lot today, read and wrote a lot, and felt really good about it. I could get used to doing this on a regular basis, rather than just on an occasional basis.

I also got up at 6:30 with Jet, as John really needed the sleep. I also got the chance to bake blueberry muffins from the blueberries that we'd brought from Mt. Si. They turned out gorgeous and gooey, which turned Jet off from them. So I made him a bowl of cereal that he cheerfully dug into and ate most of. That was good. He actually ate with us at the table! I was glad of that. John enjoyed the muffins. Yay!

We took advantage of the early start and went out to do errands, buying Jet a new matress, as he's been sleeping on normal beds all vacation, so we thorught he might be happier getting back into his toddler bed. It did, however, need to have a softer mattress. We ended up going to Target, getting a dozen different things, including a replacement for the broken kitchen garbage can. We needed something easier to line and easier to use.

Jet fell asleep on the way there, but woke while we were shopping, so he only had a forty minute nap. He was kind of grumpy from that point on. When we got back home, I got to go outside for a bit while Jet played in his sandbox. I peered at the tomato plants, and found another handful of current tomatoes, beautifully ripe. There was one big tomato tha looked like it might be red all over. I thought about calling John to ask him if it was ripe, but I decided that they were my tomatoes, and I should pick them if I wanted. So I did.

It was good. It wasn't mushy. It was nearly crisp, but sweet and juicy. Yummy. We had it on a grilled chicken salad. I put down a bed of lettuce, added the current tomatoes, the sliced tomato, finely chopped green onions, the chicken, some finely sliced basil, and then topped it all off with bleu cheese vinegrette. It was a really nice, cold, lunch. John really liked it. I really liked it and it's a great way to use tomatoes. I only wish that I'd grown some of my own lettuce. The fridge had frozen our lettuce again. We have to put the lettuce somehwere other than the produce drawer. In fact, I threw a bunch of things that didn't mind getting frozen into the borrom drawer, just to change spaces.

I spent the afternoon reading Anthony Bourdain's A Cook's Tour, as I'd kind of liked the TV show, but felt it was a bit piecemeal. I discovered, in detail, why that was so. The book is much, much, much better than the TV show, it's not dumbed down, blunted, or so protected from Tony's real emotional reactions and thoughts. I loved the book the way I couldn't quite like the TV show, as he seemed way too pretencious, at times, in the show. I'd highly recommend it simply for the adventures.

John and Jet went out to wash the car. I lightly coated Jet in DEETafter stripping him of everything but his diaper, and they had a blast. Jet actually helped by washing the car pretty much the whole time John was washing it. He didn't get any mosquito bites and I didn't have to worry about it at all. That was worth it, entirely. He got a bath soon after, and enjoyed that a lot. He hasn't seen his bath toys for a very, very long time, between the vacation and the showers at the Rec. Center. So we both enjoyed it a lot.

Dinner was a shrimp sautee with garlic and onions on spaghetti, and then I also grated, twisted dry, and sauteed zucchini, too. It turned out really good. The zucchni didn't lose it's body, at all, and was a great chew while it was still cooked through. Not mushy or creamy, especially the skin still had good crunch. I really liked that. So I was pretty happy with that experiment.

With only his short nap, Jet went to sleep pretty early and very easily. I think he's going to be shifted back, no problem, with tonight.

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