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August 3, 2003
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Plant Death Galore

Short Version: Coffie Urn. Church. Nap for all. Weeds for all (12 bags more). Pop, water and popsicle for Jet. Bagging. Rain. Burritos, MIB. More showers for everyone!

Jet Things: "I picky!" "My turn!" (said when picking up Legos). Up: 5:30, to sleep @ 9:30pm. Ate: OJ, 2 strips bacon, 2 bites pancake, 3 donut holes, 1 grape, 1/2 chicken hot dog, 1/2 graham cracker, 1 whole-fruit popsicle, 1/2 package ramen, ice cream.

I was craving corned beef hash. Jet, however, turned out to be quite the handful during the whole outing, as he was tired, from getting up so early. He's back on phase for Colorado, thank goodness, or the next week would be pretty hard. The Coffee Urn was also filled with bikers headed to Sturgus, where the big Harley gathering happens, Rose, our waitress, said that it was Sturgus week... not weekend. She expects it to last for two weeks or so.

The corned beef hash was worth it. Jet actually did pretty well, so long as he was in John's lap. He directed our coloring efforts, ate most of John's bacon, and generaly loved his OJ. He didn't scream, and didn't actually get to run around the restaurant the way he wanted to.

The nap, by the time we all got to it, was much needed by all of us.

The weeds were knee-high weeds in our dirt driveway, nearly 50 yards of the stuff, mostly prickly, thorny, or just plain nasty. All of it filled with bugs and other things taking shelter in the shade. John and I pulled the last three-quarters of it while Jet watched, played in his sand box, or picked his way over to us to ask for a popsicle, which he ate while watching us work. A few of the tumbleweeds were very close to detatching and going. The rest smelled that piney green scent as we pulled them up by the root and shoved them into piles. Huge piles. Taller than Jet, nearly nine of them.

Plant death galore.

We shoved three of the piles into huge garbage bags and have already got eight of them, just from the three piles, so there's more to be done, but we were both so sore and shaky and dehydrated by that time, we had to stop. Here we don't sweat, we crystallize. Just get crunchier and smellier, not wetter. I drank a seltzer, a Sobe, and another Sobe bottle filled with crysanthemum tea sweetened with honey and didn't have to pee. It was pretty scary.

It was a pretty huge workout. My arms and hands are sore, but in a good way, I think. Just muscles getting fatigued, not being locked into bad positions.

The burritos for dinner were surprisingly good, as we'd used the Smart taco ground for them. The stuff tasted really good. I wanted to use a bit more wheat gluten to see what it was like, and this little experiment (which was also pretty low in sodium) was actually quite good. I liked it a lot, and it didn't have to be covered up in a lot of other goo to make it taste worthwhile. Yay for trying something new!

Jet was fascinated by the movie, MIB. He watched it very carefully, and cheered riotously when J got his Suit. The music was very inspirational, I think. He loved it and went to sleep just fine. Hoorah

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