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August 6, 2003
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Frozen Fish Sticks and Cleaning Up

Short version: John and Jet woke early. John and I took Jet to Jody's. Dante was at his grandmother's. We went to work for the morning. We skipped lunch to pick up Jet. Jet napped. We worked. Jet ate five frozen fish sticks, while they were still frozen. I made stirfry for dinner. We stuffed weeds into bags. Jet scraped his knee, and ate a Popsicle. He went to sleep at the usual time.

Yeah, Jet had a large lunch, consisting entirely of still frozen fish sticks. Both John and I were pretty amazed, but the bag didn't have any warnings about having to cook the fish sticks to any particular temperature. There are some frozen foods that require that the contents be entirely cooked to a particular temperature before you eat them. But I think the fish sticks were completely cooked to begin with, and since the high for today was 103, I could understand Jet wanting to eat the cold fish sticks rather than the hot ones.

We didn't go out to deal with the weeds until it was completely overcast outside. There was no way we were going to do hard manual labor while that sun was still out. It was much harder to deal with the weeds after they had tried for a while, as they were stiff, sharp, and had to be broken in order to fit into the garbage bags. I never knew this before living here, but tumbleweeds have thousands of seeds on them that are very sharp. Each seed has spurs on it, with small hooks on the ends to keep them attached to whatever they brush against when the mother weed has rolled by, and they get into everything once the plant has dried and is shaken. Both John and I were periodically pulling off our gloves and their shoes to empty them of the irritating seeds. The sunset, however, was spectacular. With all the dust in the air there was plenty for the sunlight to bounce off of, and it made for a gorgeous red and purple sunset.

Jet had decided, for the evening, do not wear anything but his diaper. So he was out with us, and we kept warning him away from the bag and the painful weeds. We had covered him in DEET, to keep the mosquitoes off him. He did, however, fall on the gravel driveway and scrape his knee. I took him inside to wash it off, and he asked for a Band-Aid to put on it. I added a big blob of antiseptic cream as well, and he took that just fine.

After we were done, Jet got his bath first, to wash off the DEET and all the dust that he had collected while outside. The water was very dirty by the time it went down the drain. I'd have to say the same for the shower water John and I used.

Jody had a great time with Jet. For some reason, he behaves much better for Jody and Joan that he does for us. The interesting thing was that Jody said that Dante did the same thing, he would behave beautifully for others and be really demanding for her. She said that Jet sat very still in the seat of a shopping cart when she took him to Wal-Mart. That's something he would never do for us. Anyway, with just Jet and her older daughter Sam she was able to go shopping. Both Sam and Jody kept Jet awake on the way home with a lollipop and some yelling. Both John and I were very grateful because Jet went to sleep immediately on the trip home.

I still haven't really gotten a direction for work yet. I'm still not exactly sure what I want to do, and worse yet I'm not sure what needs to be done. Everyone is still very enthusiastic about the fact that I'm staying with the group, and that feels good, but I still have to figure out what work and what problems need to be solved by me

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