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August 5, 2003
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Tomato Salad and Evening With Jet

Short Version: Went to work all day. Picked tomatoes for John's tomato salad for his potluck church meeting. Took care of Jet all evening by myself, while doing laundry, he went to sleep early.

Jet doings: Ate six chicken nuggets for lunch, drank two cups of smoothie for lunch, and ate cereal for breakfast, with milk. Also had snacks and played with Dante in the morning. Played "Help me!" with two hair clips. Jumped the laundry. Played in his Cookie Monster blanket, which is too small for him now. Sniff.

The Cookie Monster blanket is actually a wrap that Cathie Elliot made for Jet when he was a newborn. It was HUGE for tiny Jet when he was first born and we were thinking it would be years before it fit him. He loved that thing, especialy when John would lay him in it in the morning, wrap him up snug, and take him out to get the morning paper. He doesn't quite fit in it anymore. His legs are just too long, now, and he was kind of grumpy about that until he got completely wrapped up in it. Then he curled up, happily and snuggled into my arms and legs to be held close. He liked that a lot. "A baby!" he said, with delight, as he curled up and got hugged.

Wow, he's so big, now.

He found two of my old big jaw hair clips, shiny, with lots of big teeth and a gripper jaw on each. He 'flew' them through the air, going, "Wheeee!" and when he accidentally hit something on the desk, one of them fell to the floor. "Oh no! Help me! Help me! Help! Help!" he cried. And he made the other clip dive down after the first, "I'll gechew!" He got the second one open and clipped it to the first one and 'flew' back up with it, "I gotchyou! Oh, thank you! Welcome! Pleeze! Mmmmmmwah!" The last was a kiss. I think he's seen the final scenes of "Lilo and Stitch" a few too many times. Hee.

That was fun to watch.

Work was good. I am more content. Especially good was having a few people go, "Cool! I'm so glad you're staying for a while!! I really thought we needed you!" That was very cool.

Fei laughed when I said that I wasn't ready to come back to work, "Yes." he said, wisely,"It's hard to come back to the world after having been in heaven."

My sentiments exactly.

I loved picking the tomatoes for John's salad. There are more big, red tomatoes out there. Very happy plants, but for one of the current tomatoes. I'm now soaking it, every other day, with another gallon or two of water, just to see if that'll help it catch up with the rest. The new branches on it aren't setting fruit, but the old ones still have a plentitude. I found out that the golden pear tomato plant, on one site, produced 1100 tomatoes in a single season. And judging from what's on that plant, I could well believe it. It's a good thing they're all so tiny.

It was so much fun to just go out there, hunt out the brightest, most beautiful fruit amid the greenery, and gently pick it. I ate a few of them, and the really ripe red current tomatoes have that salty-sweet blood-like richness to them that I love about homegrown tomatoes I don't even really know if I can get to the center plant to get the tomatoes that are growing on it. Everything else has gotten so huge, dense, and thick. When they said a three-foot spacing, they really meant it, and I am mildly regretful that I didn't follow the advise, now. I may have to send Jet in with clear instructions on what to pull from the plant, after cutting a few more picking holes in the cage for him to get the fruit out through.

It would have meant a much bigger patch, and I don't know if I would have been up to digging more. So I'm pretty content with what I have right now.

A good day, today. Too hot, a little, in the afternoon, but otherwise, very useful and I'm very much happer than I was yesterday.

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