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August 14, 2003
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Ichi-ban and Picking Vegetables

Short Version: Donut breakfast. J's stay, as Jet didn't get up unti 6:30. At 9:30, John goes off with Jet and drops him off. I don't get him until noon. Nurse, nap for nearly three hours. Dry ramen lunch. Workout and swimming. Go to Ichi-ban for Japanese dinner. Jet eats tons. Adds half a popscile on getting home. Go to neighbors to water, pick, and play in the sandbox. Put a dozen zucchini on the curb. One mosquito bite in their yard. Yay! Fewer mosquitos!

I didn't go all out on the workout. Only did 20 minutes of elliptical, added 5 minutes of rowing, and then did some weights. Some fingers feel kind of tingly when I did the aerobic stuf, so I have a feeling that I may well be doing not-good things to myelf, still, and that I may well have to end up at the Firestone Rec. Center for water aerobics again. They really seemed to make the whole thing go away...

Jet had such a long nap that he didn't get a lot of time for lunch, but then he wasn't particular interested, either. So I just stuck the dry blocks of ramen into his goldfish container, and, sure enough, once he was out of the pool he ate them, first, wholesale.

Jet actually swam a great deal in the pool, today. There's a bench in the 3 foot deep end of the play pool and I sat on part of it, and John went out about four paces. Jet would climb the bench, then up on the wall, and then jump towards John before starting to work his feet and arms. Jet would swim, underwater, to John. John would high-5 him, and then he'd turn Jet towards me and Jet would kick off of John and swim to me. His eyes were wide open, and he'd reach for my hands. So he knew where he was going, how he wanted to get there, and he did great!

I was very impressed. We actually have a child who can motor about in the water under his own power! He still hasn't worked out the mechanics of taking a breath when he isn't being held or stable, yet, but that'll probably come.

Ichi-ban is an okay Japanese fast-food place, that make the food the moment you order it. That's a very good point towards freshness. They do sushi from cheaper, fresh cuts of fish that aren't quite as intense in flavor as a good, Seattle restaurant, but they're fresh, and that's most of the battle. They do chicken thigh teriyaki and can add spice to the sauce for you. It's good stuff, and I got that. John got the spicy version. Both of us had a side of sushi, three nigiri pieces and a couple pieces of California roll. Simple stuff. Jet got the soyu ramen and ate a HUGE pile of ramen noodles, with plenty of soup and soy sauce. The soup seemed a great rehydrating agent, and he drank nearly all of it. He had a huge tummy, afterwards.

The neighbors are gone for a week, so they asked us to water their pond garden and pick what vegetables might be ripe. They'd already setup a box on the curb for zucchini they didn't want to eat, so we just put the giants out there. There were lots of smaller ones for when they come back. I also picked a handful of squash blossoms, so that I could have squash blossom quesadillas someday. It's not like they were going to need all the squash from all the blossoms, so it seemed like a useful remedy for their overabundence.

There were mosquitos on their side of the fence. The Mosquito Magnet is doing a superb job on our side. I can pick tomatoes, hang out on the patio in the cooler evening with Jet, and do all of it without fear or a bite. I was so happy at the difference. We might even put the Magnet on the neighbor's side of the yard and see if it can shwoop up all their mosquitos, too. They leave standing water, everywhere. They even have a *pond* as part of their landscaping, and they often leave their kids' wading pool filled with scummed water. So I know where all the mosquitos are laying their eggs, now. Yuck.

Their tomatoes and zucchini were sprawled around the pond, and the fruit was halfway buried in dirt, leaves, and stems. They are very happy plants, but the fruits of them are pretty dirty and badly in need of some air. Some of the tomatoes had rotted in the earth already, but I pulled 'em out and chucked 'em, so that they don't get worse. It was little enough to do in pay-back for the month they took care of all our house plants. We get to water everything again Satuday. I think if we move the Magnet over there for just a couple evenings before then, it should be much better over there.

As it was I got bit twice while doing all that. Jet didn't get bitten, so I'm thankful and not too scared about it all. Nothing like all the bumps he got on Lookout Cape. Yay!

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