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August 27, 2003
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Playing with Jet

8:38 pm: Short Version: Jet eats pancake. Joan takes Jet. She'll take him all the way through to when his pre-school starts. Whew. Both into work. Talk with Bob about problem and possibilities. Meetings. More talk. Go to lunch at the Double Pepper. Great food. Go home. Jet's asleep with a huge bump on his head. Slammed it into a corner by accident. I nap, too. Nurse. Jet played while eating cold, peanut noodles. Bandicoot and other stuff until John's done with everything. I go out into the rain for a heaping bowlful of tomatoes. Ravioli from Longmont farmers' market. Yum. Jet eats bread, apple scone, and juice. Plays while John clears my fiber stuff out. He comes upstairs for computer stories and a few games. No milk. No fight for teeth, either. Nurse. Sleep.

I'm tired. I'm also pretty sore from yesterday and last night. I am mildly unhappy, too, as my decisions have all gotten a bit harder with more input and more questions and a lot of other information. It's a problem that would have the same kinds of impact at the other one I was going to pursue, and it's high visibility and there's more opportunity to do well or fail badly. It's kind of weird. The main difference is that I'd be in front of everyone and I'd be basically coordinating and working on of the biggest problems with the graphical user interfaces that we have today.

So plenty of opportunity to both do well and do badly. AND it's still with the manager that I have lots of confrontation issues with.

We'll have to see how that eventually plays out, and I have to talk with the manager of the other project, first. I talked with John about it a lot, and I got to talk with Bob about it for a while. I also got to have lunch with everyone at the usual time, but we went to the Double Pepper and everyone had a good time and enjoyed their food. One thing that John and I noticed, though, was that the pepper plant that birthed both of my pepper plants was no where to be seen! Oops. I wonder what happened to it? Or should I have just brought them a live plant as a replacement? Maybe I will, as I have two of the plants and I don't really know what to do with them. I need to transplant them into larger pots though, as the roots are starting to get exposed, at the top, when I pour water over the earth on them.

I'd been up so late last night that I just gave up on the afternoon and just played with Jet, instead, when we both woke up from our naps. That was a lot of fun. I made more variety for him in terms of food, too. Just trying different things and finding that some of them work! Like cold, peanut butter noodles, with a soy, peanut butter, vinegar, sugar, and sesame oil sauce. Certainly better than the MSG in the ramen packets.

He wouldn't, however, have anything to do with our ravioli, and that's okay by me. They were wonderful, fresh mozzarella and sundried tomatoes inside and I did a very lightly cooked tomato 'dressing' for the outside, with just garlic, onion, basil, olive oil and tomatoes. Very simple, fresh and wonderful. I managed to pick a heaping bowlful of tomatoes from the garden today and that was pretty satisfying. Full out red and beautiful tomatoes. Wow. I have definitely gotten my money's worth from my tiny plot, and I think I can do better next year! We'll have to see.

I'm finally coming to grips with the fact that I'll probably never production spin anything again, and it's well past time I cleaned out all the fiber arts stuff that I've accumliated through the years. John's being a real sweetie and getting it all together into big boxes that I can just ship to someone that wants them. The really cool thing is that someone that I really like and trust does want them. Yay!

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