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December 13, 2002
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Tired. John and I both went to sleep late, while Jet went to sleep at the usual time. I got up at 5 to find a rather wide-awake Jet, and after I fed him, he was awake. So we were doomed.

John got up after a while to take care of him after me, and I went back to sleep until the very last minute. I thought I had a 9 am meeting, but it turned out to be 10. Whew. So I went with John to drop Jet off.

The meeting was a review of doc plans. I'd made comments and questions beforehand so that they could address them in the meeting as they said they were going to. But they did it all there instead and ignored what I'd written. Ah well.

Afterwards was my 1:1, and in between Jet came home and nursed and got to sleep. After he woke up from his nap, because John had worked so long yesterday, he took the rest of the day off and took Jet out to do some errands while I worked some more and got finished with nearly everything I wanted to do. It included getting my items organized enough that I felt like I could at least understand the extent of my tasks. Necessary.

Dinner was spaghetti. John was so dead from the last couple of nights and mornings that he went to sleep at 8:30. I stayed up with a Jet who was steadily ignoring questions about going to sleep. At 10, I made bagel dough and he helped me with the shaping of the bagels. When they were done, I just hauled him off to the changing table, got him changed and ready for bed and he fell asleep as soon as we nursed.


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