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December 14, 2002
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Errands, Santa, and a Movie

9:22 pm: A good day. Jet did go to sleep late last night, and he didn't sleep very well because of it, I think. He was up a couple of times and finally woke up at 6:20 and couldn't sleep any more. So I don't believe Jet will sleep longer simply because he goes to sleep later. If anything, the lack of sleep makes it harder for him to sleep soundly. So he's to bed early tonight and so will we.

John got ten hours, and got up with Jet and cooked the bagels while I tried to sleep more. I couldn't get much past 8:30, though, and got up and ate something. Jet and John read books and played until Jet was so tired he fell over. So I nursed him and he went down for an hour and a half nap while John 'mowed' away all the dried leaves and I did a bunch of small things around the house. Jet's laundry needed doing, the plants needed watering, and I took the time to take a good, hot shower.

Mmm... hot shower.

After Jet woke up, we headed out to do the errands around town. Recycling, restocking, and other small stuff. There was a parade down Main street, between 3rd and 9th, so it was good that we decided to just go to the Safeway.

Jet had a great time running around the store. We encouraged him to stick with us. I also had a great time using my new ListPro grocery list. It was far easier than my usual list, since the things we'd gotten could just go away, and I could sort things by sections in the store so they were all grouped together nicely. I got to change the locations of a few things, like the parchment paper, which was in the baking section, not the paper section. But it was really nice to just get through it and have the list get smaller the more we got. It was important to me, though, to realize that the list was just the stuff that we knew we needed and wasn't going to be any kind of record of what we actually bought. Otherwise I'd get a bit *TOO* anal about it.

Santa was at the store, too. He was sitting by the pasta aisle, and Jet smiled when he first got greeted by the guy. When the guy tried picking him up to put him in his lap, though, Jet, wisely, panicked and did his best to get away. And he did. I was pretty proud of him. Getting grabbed by a stranger is NOT something I want to encourage, even some Santa Claus' helper. We stood off for a while, Jet got introduced, and I was okay with the fact that he just didn't want to sit in Santa's lap, at all. But the elves got a picture of Jet in John's lap while John kneeled next to Santa. Not a bad deal, at all.

We got the Polaroid in a card. Jet admired it afterwards.

We got home in time to get everything packed away and feed Jet a few chicken nuggets and juice. He then went over to the Goodell's at 4, with a packet of ramen, and Ashley was up while the other kids were asleep, and was ready for Jet. Joan and Ray were ready to go. We all headed up to Longmont, in two cars because Joan had other errands she wanted to run, afterwards. There was a moment, on the dirt road, when they suddenly dropped way back. When we got on 52, my celphone started ringing. It was Joan! They'd picked up a hub cap that had fallen off our Passat! Hee. I was glad that they'd stopped, as we could have never known. We have cheap, plastic hub caps, and they occasionally just fall right off. So it was good to know, this time, and not have to use another replacement.

We hit Twin Peaks mall and went to see Star Trek: Nemesis. I liked it well enough. It was a Star Trek movie. There were some plot elements, though, that I hated, but I won't spoil it. I enjoyed some of the characters, but hated the lot. I'm glad that I only paid cheap prices for the tickets.

Dinner was pretty tasty and inexpensive. We hit a Panda Express. I actually liked the chow mien. It just had a few threads of cabbage, onion, egg, and bean sprouts, but it was enough. The orange chicken was deep fried, sweet and tangy, and extremely American, but then so am I. The spicy chicken with peanuts was actually spicy and had zucchini and other tasty vegetables. It didn't call itself gung pow chicken and made no pretences, so I had no quibbles with it. It was tasty.

Joan was craving the Panda Express food, so it was good to just try it. We sat and talked about all kinds of things. About family, religion and ones approach to it, and talked a whole lot about the cruise in March. It sounds like I'm probably going to gain 20 pounds in the two weeks, so I'd best eat light for January and February. Hee.

Home again, home again, and Jet was staggeringly tired when we got there. When John asked him if he wanted to come home, he said, "Yah." He did, however, lead me around and talk to me about a bunch of things in the house. He really liked the Christmas lights spread all over the place, and pointed out all kinds of things. That was fun.

So we took him home, and in the car he smiled when John talked about changing, nursing and going to sleep. Hee.

He went instantly to sleep, and we actually made up the less used couch for Jet's bed. It was immensely easier than trying to put him on the couch that I nurse him on. I'll like it in the middle of the night, too. Just easier not to have to clear an area to sit down on, and the loveseat has been used a lot less, so the cushions should support him better when he sleeps. Plus it puts him more near the humidifier. Yay!

A bit of herbal tea, some wind-down time, and we'll be off to bed. Whew. I hope we can get caught up on sleep

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