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December 15, 2002
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Bad Night, Cafe, Library, New Houses, and X-Mas Tree

9:44 pm: Today was a very confusing and disconnected day.

Jet had a terrible night. He had a fever, a stuffy nose, and wasn't comfortable anywhere or any how and was up every one or two hours and was just fussy and unhappy. John and I traded off as we were able, and at 5, John got him and didn't come back in, so I went out at 6:30 and traded places.

Jet nursed and fell asleep on me. So I tucked him into his car seat, and went to sleep on the couch next to him. An hour later, he woke up and crawled up the seat onto me, and we fell asleep together on the couch until about nine. Not too shabby. We both needed the sleep, and John got to sleep through all of that in comfort. While sleeping on the couch with Jet isn't the most restful thing in the universe, it's better than having him be completely awake and crying at me.

When John woke up at 10, we headed into Erie and ate at the new cafe. Jet got his cinnamon roll, ate about half of it and then started flinging the rest of it around the restaurant. Just as our food came, he decided he'd had enough of his high chair and had to go visit the Christmas tree. So John took him over, and I ate as much as I could before they came back and when John tried to sit with Jet again, Jet started crying.

So I took Jet out to the car. He was very happy with that and wanted to play with all the knobs, buttons, and knobs in the drivers' seat. Oops. So we started walking down the street. It was 50 out, warm, and so we had no problems just walking along. John popped out of the restaurant and flagged me down. So we headed back, and it turned out that the kids of the owner were willing to play with Jet while we ate. I took him back to the corner where they had all their toys and the toys for their two-month-old baby who was in the crib in the back as well. He was afraid at first, but was then fascinated by a football and a rubberband ball that Brent, the boy, had. So he started taking the ball and throwing it. Thus distracted, he didn't notice when I walked back to the table and started eating again.

I guess he thought he was abandoned and made the best of the situation. He played with them, though quietly, and I didn't hear his chuckle. Just saw him surrounded by the two other kids and the toys. After a while he'd moved to the side a little, and when he actually saw me and looked right at me, Jet looked at each of the kids and then at me and then started running for me, crying.


The kids hadn't done a thing, but their mom was on them a bit for 'making Jet cry'... but it really was just Jet realizing we were there. He's very brave and good when he thinks we're gone, but he doesn't really want other people to take care of him, I guess. We hugged, and I held him for a while before he twisted and kicked to be put back down, then he and Brent had a great time together, throwing the ball around the place.

Wow. A restaurant that really takes care of kids. In a huge way. I got to finish my breakfast in peace.

From there we walked about a bit, and then John got it in his head to drive around Erie Village. We went around and saw Open House signs, so the three of us went and wandered sawdust filled houses. They were all brand new, with modern layouts, kitchens, and small yards. Each looked into their neighbors' houses, and each cost more than our house. The one house we liked the most had, of course, the biggest price tag. It did have the most floor space, and the best layout along with the coolest Jack and Jill bathroom setup I've ever seen, where they shared toilet, shower, and bath, but had separate sinks. The whole setup was completed with walk-in closets for both of the rooms that filled in the last corner that wasn't taken by the separate areas. I really liked that.

We just told the real estate agents that we were just looking, getting ideas and not really in the market for a house, yet. We really like the neighborhood's character, and it was just fun to explore.

Jet came with us and manfully climbed stairs, ran about houses, and explored rooms, showers, and bathtubs. He peered at mirrors, hid in pantries, and had a blast. I was very impressed. My gut, however, was not. I guess it was the two sleepless nights in a row and whatever else might have been happening. Stress, my period, or it was just my periodic gut cleaning time. Whatever it was it sent me to the main show house, fast, and had me praying that the water conserving toilet wasn't going to backup on me. Bah. My prayers were answered to the good. Whew.

There was lots of good house things we figured out as we looked. I'm finally starting to write them all down. If we want to build our own house, some day, it's good to do the research completely and know what it is we want and do not want. Location will determine some of it. In Seattle or Oregon we'll need the latest fad in a great room with one wall all windows. Here, however, it's a royal pain. Way too much sunlight. Lots of other stuff like that, and the unique layout of the Jack and Jill bath in this one was a cool inspiration.

Jet fell asleep on the way home. After all that walking, it was a good thing. I had another call to the bathroom, and then I headed for bed, too. He slept nearly three hours, so I was pretty refreshed by the time he got up, and we nursed so that he'd get his dose of white blood cells and we'd get him over his cold faster. We also shared a peach, yogurt, date, banana, and white cranberry smoothie. He drank all six ounces of his and ate a few peanuts and shredded wheat as well. I probably should put a bit of soy milk in those smoothies as well to round out his proteins.

We spent the late afternoon and evening setting up the Christmas tree. Lights, ornaments, and the topping bow. Jet loved watching the lights, and then watching Christmas specials on the TV. I was glad of that.

Dinner was roast chicken leg quarters with a bit of gravy, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. Jet refused to eat anything and even spit out milk in all directions. That's when John found out he had a 103 degree temperature. So we gave him some acetomenaphine and it made him into a new boy. We gave him a bath, fed him some noodles, and then he went quietly back to sleep. Wow.

I hope tonight is better, but I think I'm coming down with his cold. Being as close in contact with him as I am, and getting as little sleep as we do when he's sick, it's pretty much inevitable.

So it is. I'm glad that my boss doesn't mind. I hope tonight's better than last night

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