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February 23, 2003
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Jet Cheers People Up, Longmont Rec. and Brown Rice

9:34 pm: I really didn't want to go to church today. I'd gotten up at 5:30 with Jet, and at 7:30 John woke up, and I went back to sleep. I woke a bit after 9, and showered. John asked if I wanted to go to church, and I said that I did. Better to face it all. John made pancakes, which we kind of rushed through.

It was an odd morning. There'd actually been three different deaths this last week for the church family. Liam's death, though, hit nearly everyone the hardest. It turned out to simply be a congenital problem. Something no one knew about or could have spotted.

Everyone kept eyeing Jet today. Hugging him or simply smiling at him and talking to him or us. Jet, on the other hand, seemed to understand that people were sad, so he behaved exceptionally. He smiled. He played with people. He even let the ladies that he normally shrinks away from hug him. He played peekaboo with a very depressed looking man in a corner. He ate prodigiously of powdered sugar donuts and delighted everyone with his white, powdered sugar smile.

Jet went out of his way to get people to smile. I was very impressed. And all this was after falling asleep in the car on the way there, and waking up in the Quiet Room. He did great.

On the way home from church he was chortling, playing, kicking, and smiling every time I looked back at him. Since he'd eaten so much, we packed up all the swimming gear when we got home, and headed to the Longmont Rec. Center.

Jet happily toddled into the daycare center and was very intrigued with the teenage boy doing the babysitting. He was very taken by the young man inviting him to play with Legos, and didn't even look back as John and I left for the workout floor.

I got my rowing in while John jogged along the track. I ended up with stretching, and then a short jog back to the weight area. It felt odd to run again. It's been so long since it was effortless, and on the cushion track it was easy. I should have run longer, but I really needed a drink, so I got that, and then got distracted by the available weight machines.

Mmm... weight machines. Someday I'm going to have to record the weights that I use for all the exercises. Though most of them are in the thirty or twenty pound range, they vary according to the muscle group. I really liked doing the whole back and ab set, and the legs were so tired from the rowing, it was easy to get them to burn. I did some work with my arms, and it felt very odd to see myself in the mirrors and realize that my upper body is probably bigger than it's been in a very long time. I guess lifting the twenty some odd pounds of Jet has been good for my muscles. With the extremely short haircut, I could probably have passed for a guy.

I enjoyed the workout. Jet really loved the daycare. When John and I went to get him, he was too busy for a while to pay attention to us. So we stood there for a while and then offered swimming again. He decided to come after a bit, and happily waved bye-bye to the guy taking care of him. Jet was so enthusiastic he nearly ran into a table, as he was looking at the guy, not where he was going. Hee.

The pool was crowded. The cabanas were full. But we lucked into one, got changed fairly quickly, and got out to the pool. Jet ran right for the slide, but with this float on. John offered to take it off, and Jet nodded, and they got it off him. Instead of going for the slide, though, Jet started bobbing through the water, just jumping up and down and up and down and over and over. He loved just bouncing in the water. When I came out, that's all he was doing.

We did a lot more playing all over the pool, today, than usual. Jet ran around the play area, after spending a good fifteen minutes just bobbing around. He fell a few times, and got water up his nose, but he did just fine with it. He's definitely holding his breath when he goes under, now, and he's enjoying getting completely wet. He loved walking over and through all the low fountains. He may even do that with the Boulder sidewalk fountain if it's open this summer.

He then bounded deeper and deeper until he was over his mouth and nose. He panicked a bit, and I pulled him up and asked him if he wanted his float. Instead of fighting it, he said, "Sure!" and helped get into it. He then swam around like a champ and asked to go over to the completely mobbed current pool. It was crazy, but he loved it with both of us there, and we did just fine keeping him out from under other people. It took a bit of work, but we went around half a dozen times before he asked to get out again.

Lots more running around, but he ended up by the slide, again, and, this time, he slid a bit. I wandered off to do the big slide a couple of times, and I really enjoyed that.

By then it was about an hour, so we hauled him out, covered Jet with a towel so he wouldn't get too cold, and waited for a cabana. Another family actually waved us into it as the mother noticed that Jet was cold, and they were just wanting to get dressed to go swimming. I was very thankful. We got into the hot shower, and soaped up and got all clean.

I set Jet into the changing table, where John took care of drying, lotioning, and dressing Jet, while I finished washing off. Jet sat happily on the table while John showered, I lotioned myself and dressed. He was great and just sat there, talking to us and watching us. He even asked for some lotion, which he patted onto my shoulder for me. Hee.

We walked through flying snow to get to the car, and headed to Wal-Mart as we'd run out of Jet's swim diapers and it's the one place we know we can buy them year-round. Jet fell asleep a bare five minutes from the Rec. Center. He was smiling the whole time. Hee.

I raced in, bought the diapers, and we went home. Jet napped while John and I went over our taxes. It's that time, and we'll likely get a sizable refund this year. It's the big advantage of having only part-time salaries, we can claim all of our deductions and not get any of them phased out. Plus, all of our stock losses were good for something. Nice.

After Jet had slept for an hour and a half I woke him up. He'd already had the other nap, and I didn't want him to have a bad night. I think whenever he naps for a total of more than three hours during the day he has a bad night. So I got him up and he was grumpy, but he got to nurse a bit, and then John tempted him with a Girl Scout cookie, and he accepted that instead of grumping.

By the time dinner rolled around, and I'd made brown rice, broiled teriyaki shrimp, and green beans, he was pretty happy and actually sat down with us and ate. He loved the rice with the teriyaki sauce, and he shoveled it in. He also ate a few beans, and tried one shrimp, but tossed it.

He liked the ice cream dessert, and watched "X-Men" with rapt attention. He really liked that, and he ended up falling asleep after he had his milk, got his teeth brushed, and then simply lay down on his Boppie with a blanket over him. He just relaxed there, and I guess he was so tired after the day that he just fell asleep. Yay!

I'm pretty tired, too. But I don't feel as gummy and laggy as I did this morning. The exercise helped a great deal. Yay! Exercise is a good thing, and John and I are pretty intent on going at least twice a week to keep things moving. It's very much the law that bodies in motion tend to stay in motion and bodies at rest tend to stay at rest. I feel much better when I'm in motion, so I'll try and do that.

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